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  • I was amazed it worked immediately . For years I've struggled trying to write in Swedish, given up and trusted my family have no objections. Greta

  • Version 60 is still in beta, would be nice to have a language pack in Swedish which supports the non-beta version the rest of us uses.

    Older versions for FF 59 can be found here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/svenska-se-language-pack/versions/

  • For version 60...
    Rest of us are at version 59

  • Ändrar inte till svenska!!!!

  • I have same problem. After installation I cannot see languagepack in menu.
    Many have same problem. Why do you wnat us to write opinion, if you do not write answer for solutions?

  • bra gejer

  • Won't show up under "Languages" when right-clicking in a form.

  • Accurate spelling in Swedish!

  • IT Works As It Should! The old Reviews Are Obsolete!

  • blir väldigt mycket trevligare, bra language pack!

  • Used it for a while without issues. Thank you!

  • bra när det funkar men nu till 30.0 funkar nte svenska språket vore dags att få det att funka annars en bra add-on

  • Funkar hur bra som helst.

  • Alla användare som önskar svensk stavhjälp letar på fel ställe.
    Ni ska installera Svenska Fria Ordlistan.

  • Tried what GöranJ proposed
    - I installed Language Pack Install Helper 2,5
    - I tried to configure it (not much out of configuration, but I could notice in the configuration part that Swedish was present).
    - I then tried to open a gmail mail window, write something in swedish, right clicked on the words, still swedish is not a selectable dictionnary in the list. I have various english, german and french in that list that I've installed but thus not Swedish.
    I also tried several times both before and after the Language Pack Install Helper 2,5 to install the swedish dictionnary. Booouuuh! :(

  • If you have a problem with this extension and doesn't get it to work properly, then you have to downloaded a second extension that helps this extension to work accordingly and this even if the Language Pack isn't compatible with the current Firefox!
    Download and install- Language Pack Install Helper 2,5 and after configuring this one; the Swedish language Pack works like a charm. Good luck! And enjoy!

  • It says it is updated 24th June 2013 but still does not work....

  • This extension is not compatible with Firefox 22.

    This one works: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/den-stora-svenska-ordlistan/

  • Its not working!
    Please fix it!!

  • Crap!!! Not working.....

  • Although the Swedish spellchecker doesn't work I'm positively surprised that the Finnish spellchecker works like a charm although this was always the other way around, Go figure!

  • It seems not to work.
    After restart there is still no Swedish language option in the list.

  • Goes through the install process, restarts and then nothing happens... I also had a fully working Swedish dictionary before I updated.

  • sorry but dictionary isn't being installed. something's wrong...

  • I cant see that anyting gets installed at all. Somthing is wrong.

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