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  • Just a lovely kitten
  • Fun theme
  • Looks really cool
  • Ha! ...He certainly does look like he's posing for a centerfold shot! This is easily one of the BEST kitty-cat Theme images out there! Seriously, Sassygirl, ....YOU ROCK! Thanks for this cool fractal feline, with its smokey gray hair, and of course, MOST of all, ...his GORGEOUS marine blue eyes!

    You have a tremendous body of work out there, [Sassygirl1016] and I hope you know that it's ALL very much appreciated! Several of your Theme creations have graced my screen for months at a time. Well done, and keep up the great work! Your designs are always interesting, and often turn out FANTASTIC! - Thank-You! Meow, =^..^=

    Sincerely, C.R.McL. ( -Cassandra. )
  • This theme looks really cool. How do you manage to make images of cats look the way they do? Like they're made of smoke or something. I've seen a lot of image similar to this one on the web and I've always wondered.
  • i am so not a cat person, but this is hands down the most interestingly beautiful image of a kitten i've ever seen, thank you for this, it's brightened my day. :)
  • So cute.
  • Beautiful Theme
  • Love this kitty! Beautiful! A favorite of mine!
  • Beautiful theme I love fractual art its stunning :)
  • <3 J'adore les chats ... mais celui-là est mon préféré. Merci !! :) <3
  • Beautiful.....love it..
  • One of my very most favorite themes. Thanks!
  • I love this cat! So damn cool!
  • I love this image too Sassygirl. Great job on the art!
  • so soft and cute
  • love this theme, great !
  • Это завораживает.
  • I love you, Sebastian...you beautiful boy! Awesome persona.
  • Adorable. Ca me rappelle de mon chat.