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  • Works just like Chrome's right click menu option and, best of all: Requires ZERO permissions! This is exactly how it should be built. Great work, Gustavo!
  • Only exension that DOES NOT ask for excessive invasive permissions, great job works beautifully
  • Works properly, thank you for your work.
  • It's a little slow, and it opens a tab, i wish it moved you to that tab instantly instead of having to click it
    Hi Kimarnic, thanks for your review! After clicking the search action, the tab should open immediately. If you only experience slowness with my extension, I invite you to open an issue on GitHub (https://github.com/Sukigu/search-by-image-on-google/issues) so I can try to help you troubleshoot the problem.

    Regarding the second point, you can actually set whether or not you want Firefox to focus right away on the newly-created tab! Please check the extension's settings page.
  • Yes, it performs the image search, but not without popping open three or more tabs every time it does it. Uninstalled.
    Hi Kain, thanks for your review! The behavior you're describing is not intended and it's the first time I've heard that happening to someone. If you still want, I could try to help you with that, but I would need a bit more information about your system. Why don't you open an issue on GitHub? https://github.com/Sukigu/search-by-image-on-google/issues
  • Nice
  • Bravo! I was going to code such plugin as I need it so much, but nice.. here you go!
  • THANK YOU! The add-on works perfectly...and MOST importantly doesn't appear to require any special permissions. Too often I come across "access your data for all websites" and I have to reject that add-on. There is no need for data access at all. Thank you!
    Thank you! Some extensions might provide extra functionality which might require a very general permission to make it work, I don't know, but this one was designed to be very lightweight and simple.
  • Please consider swapping context menu icon with a colorful variation. Personally, I think addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/google-image-search-reverse has the beautifullest.

    Perhaps, adding an option not to use an icon at all would also be useful for some.
    I used a gray icon because I wanted the menu item to look like it was part of the browser as much as possible. Unfortunately, WebExtensions require an icon to be shown on the menus, which is the same as the extension's icon. So, unless I changed the extension's icon to a blank one, the menu option also needs to have one.
  • Не работает на Waterfox, хотя пишет что совместимо, Does not work on Waterfox, although it writes that it is compatible
    Sorry, I'm not sure whether this extension works on Waterfox, but it certainly wasn't tested on it. If it says it's compatible it must be a Waterfox bug, since this site doesn't have the option to set compatibility with Firefox forks.

    The latest version requires APIs only present in Firefox 57 and newer, but you could try an older version of the extension which requires an older Firefox version, and thus might work on Waterfox.
  • Little, fast, simple, Thanks !