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  • When this plugin will be updated?

  • Excellent add-on. I wish it was updated to work on FF57. I miss it a lot! Actually, too many excellent addons are missing in FF57.

  • Simple and works perfectly. I'm very sad it won't be updated.

  • One of the indispensable addons for

  • Great addon but not working in FF57. Are you going to update it for FF57?

  • This could be the replacement for Viewmarks that I have used for years but is it going to work in FF57?

  • Будет версия e10s ?

  • Быстрые закладки - и этим всё сказано

  • The newer Firefox versions seem to gloss over small things that used to work in older browser iterations. For example, when someone bookmarked a site, and in the course of working would bookmark another later on, you simply pressed Ctrl + D, knowing you are saving the url in the same folder as the last time. That's gone now. And this extension restores that and more. Just try it a few times and its value becomes apparent quickly.

    That said, I hated the logo. Old, outdated and ugly; that color scheme is neither elegant, cool, or modern, to be honest. I almost didn't install it because of it; it looked like a medieval fantasy icon in a medieval fantasy game ("Q" for quest? lol).

    Overall, a fantastic add-on that simply delivers

  • Простой способ делать быстрые закладки ! Именно такого не хватало самому браузеру, к сожалению.
    Теперь делать закладки удобно и просто, спасибо разработчикам !

  • Firefox bookmark manager is poor compared to how opera used to do it. See here: See the left hand side in this screen shot https://drive.google.com/drive/u/1/folders/0B3z9OBGa69jgVVRGQk9SQW1LVFE

    I also use "Add bookmark here" which is similar to QuickMark. But QuickMark has MUCH better editing options available when you select Properties (or CTRL-D) of a current bookmark. Good work Martijn!

  • cool

  • This add-on main advantage is that we can bookmark what we like to and see it in future when one need it.Thank you

  • 对经常存书签的人来说挺方便的

  • This is the most unnecessary add-on! Anyone can already do what this is offering. I guess this is good for newbies, and nothing against newbies! I support all who swing to the side of FFox

    Developer response

    I think you are mistaken. Firefox does not offer the speed and accessibility provided by QuickMark. And QuickMark is actually more targeted towards power-users.

  • Really needed for me.

  • This does a really good job of replacing the stock bookmark options of firefox. Navigating to bookmark folders is a breeze, especially with the keyboard shortcuts.

    I've had some issues with Dark GTK themes on Linux (Arc Dark) but I blame that on the theme not being written properly and not on this addon itself. The words for the folders would be almost the same color as the background of the bookmark list, but when I changed the theme the problem was fixed.

    Developer response

    Glad you like the add-on.
    You could use something like the Stylish add-on to tweak the font-color.

    The URL to target would be "resource://jid0-qt2vxewb9xzbrlyapsjja4ebwou-at-jetpack/data/folderSelection.html".
    And the CSS class to target would be ".linux .folder".

  • I love to bookmark just using keyboard. I tried ctrl+D but then arrow keys don't work to navigate in those folder tree. It will also be helpful to allow creating new folder on the fly.
    Thanks for the add-on.

    Developer response

    That should work. You should be able to navigate your folders through either the arrow keys or typing the name of a folder.

    There have been previous reports where neither of those worked. And in those cases it was another add-on that stole keyboard focus from the QuickMark panel. So, look out for that.

    Anyway, things are working on my side and there haven't been any significant updates to QuickMark in a while. But if you can tell me about your setup, OS, Firefox version, other particularities about your setup, maybe I can double check.

    For further support you can post in the support forum or email me:

  • Thanks!

  • Excellent UX.
    Beautiful UI.

    Extremely fast folder navigation and edition.

    Don't go bookmarking without it.

  • Positive:
    - does exactly what it should
    - integrates very neatly into the browser
    - expanded folders stay expanded when creating a new bookmark

    - when you don't select a fold and click outside the menu it closes but the bookmark is created in unsorted bookmarks rather than being discarded. if this is fixed i'll give 5 stars.

    Although i don't agree with the implementation, as there is a way to cancel the bookmark creation i have to give 5 stars ;)

    Developer response

    Hey Sebastian,

    That is as intended. You created a bookmark but didn't sort it, so it goes to the "unsorted" folder(Unless you changed the default folder).

    If you want to cancel your bookmark, you can press the escape key instead.

    Thanks for the feedback though.

  • This is what I have been looking for.

  • Great job.

    Developer response


  • QuickMark does exactly what it needs to do. At the click of a button or a simple keyboard shortcut, it saves a bookmark quickly and easily. The add-on's strongest feature is in the keyboard shortcuts, for minimalist users like me to bookmark things without needing to move the mouse.

    One issue I noticed is that the shortcut CTRL+D fails to create a folder like it should. If this could be fixed, it would be a very useful feature.

    It would also be great if it were possible to customize the keyboard shortcuts, just in case there are conflicts with other add-ons or web applications. Other than that, it's a solid time-saver. I don't know how I survived without it.

    * EDIT 2/7/16 : After a simple browser reset, my navigation and folder-creating issues cleared up! Sorry about the confusion. I've revised my rating accordingly. Thanks for the response! :)

    Developer response

    Something must be amiss. It seems that all keyboard inputs are not working for you in the folder menu? The folders should actually be navigable through the arrow keys or by simple typing the letters of the folder you would like to select.

    A previous user had this problem as well. In her case she had an add-on installed that prevented the folder menu from getting the focus it required for the keyboard input. So you can look into that.

    If you want further support you can send me some information about your particular setup, email me or leave a post in the support thread:

    But as far as I can tell, everything is working.

    And thanks for the feedback.

  • Finally get to save my bookmarks where I want them again. That stupid star they put if Firefox I could not find my bookmarks and was having to copy url from history. This is great puts the old function back in fox bookmarks.