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  • So useful that I think Firefox should display alt text as a tool tip by default (unless a tool tip attached by other means such as the title attribute has precedence; or in addition to a title attribute of a containing element)
  • This extension does not work for the following pages:
  • Does what it promises. Chrome did this by default, but I'm glad there is an extension for this!
  • Awesome in 2 ways:

    1) Nostalgia. Reminds me of my days browsing with Internet Explorer when I was a kid. :)

    2) I'm now learning to be a web developer and so I know the importance of adding alt tags to images. This feature gives me a higher awareness of how sites are coded while I'm browsing, and lets me easily see how the alt tag is being used around the net.

    I'm glad this feature doesn't come built in to Firefox or other modern browsers because I know back when this feature was in IE and IE was popular, the alt tag was horribly misused for its popup qualities and its actual purpose was neglected. It's much better to have this as an add-on. I love it already.
  • I have to check alt tags and this makes it so easy!
  • Is there a way to copy the alt text?
  • Does what it says.
    I keep realizing that without Piro's extensions my life in Firefox would be hard to imagine.
  • Can't see any text for FF48 when I know there is some there.
  • Je voulais tester ce module car trouvais web developper lourd. Finalement je vais retélécharger web developper qui m'affiche les tag alt.
  • 既出だったら済みません。
    ツールチップが表示されるまでの時間はFirefox既定の挙動に依存する設計で、独自に管理する予定は残念ですがありません。Firefoxの隠し設定を参照して下さい。 https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/docs/Mozilla/Preferences/Preference_reference/ui.tooltipDelay
  • Using the extension Popup Alt Extension truncates the text when it long and overruns the image.

    This is the same way the Title Tag works, but is not very helpful if you have multiple smaller images next to each other.

    The extension FeatureFix works like expected when converting alt tags in Firefox so they work like IE.
    The behavior is not default and you have to set it, but it works and long text is fully displayed.
  • See the View All Versions link for an updated version that works in Fx4.
  • I can't surf without this add-on! Please, PLEASE make it compatible with Firefox 4.0.
  • This is a must-have add-on for me. It would be a good thing to make it work with FF4.
  • That's great! Just add adjustable offsets please. Because right now one or two first letters are covered by the mouse cursor.
  • At last! I don't know why I didn't look for this before but I'm glad I've found it. Not being able to see ALT text is the one frustrating thing about FireFox, at the risk of looking like you are following Microsoft why don't you guys just build it in to the product in the first place?
  • This is the kind of thing Firefox should include as built-in feature.
    I missed it before coming across this add-on.
  • This is the kind of thing Firefox should include as built-in feature.
    I missed it before coming across this add-on.
  • refer to Gertjan review: I agree to his review, I've downloaded this add-on which resolve my FF problem of not show alternative text of icon images in web pages. I think this property must be by default in FF.
  • Regardless of whether this add-on SHOULD be needed or not is a moot point. It is needed, as there are still sites out there that do not use title text but rather alt text. In my case this is an indispensable tool for checking team form on the English Premier League website, which uses alt not title text. Would incorporation be a problem? It's a tiny bit of script, non?
  • It is one of my favorite extensions.
    It would be nice using it with my SeaMonkey 2.0.3.
    Dear Piro, we need your help!
  • This function should not need an add-on. It should be incorporated in Firefox itself (as it is in MSIE). On my own website the alt text pop-up plays a crucial role in informing the visitor about navigation through my pages. Most Firefox users are probably not aware of the fact that they need this add-on. Thus they are handicapped in viewing my website.
  • Shame this doesn’t work for Thunderbird.