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  • works great, thanks Didier! Would it be possible to open new tab next to active one? Now it always opens at the end...
  • Well done Didier Lafleur.
    An "Open bookmarks in a new tab" that actually works in FF63.

    All I need now is an "Open Links in a new tab". Cue >> Didier Lafleur.
  • I LOVE YOU!!!
  • so far worked lie a charm with no BS.
  • I been looking for this for months so akward to open bookmarks with Wheel and I often forget and loose the page I am on. Or I am writing in a text box and loose what I am typing because the book mark I want to post in text box gets lost due to Bookmark opening in same tab I am on.
  • Great extension - is there any interest if it is even possible to make the same extension for chrome since I use both and I really miss this feature over there.
    Not yet possible to do it for Chrome.
  • I suppose opening bookmarks in new tabs is better than nothing. Clicking on an ordinary link opens it in THE SAME TAB in Firefox 61.0.1 (64-bit). And double-clicking on a URL address is not supported either.
  • Searched for "open bookmarks in new tab", got this as a result.

    It opens bookmarks in a new tab.
  • Bizarrely, this extension doesn't say _how_ to open bookmarks in a new tab - nothing on the web page, nothing on the extension page. Uninstalled.
  • Can you add History links to open in new tab? (sorry for bad English)
    Not possible yet. You may be interested by :
  • It really does it job perfectly. 5/5 from me. ^___^
  • Excelente. Funciona perfeitamente.
  • very good and I'm happy it's working on ff59