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  • 5 star! Works perfectly, tested using https://www.deviceinfo.me and it does in fact show "spoofed" instead of "blocked".
  • Didn't work for me, maybe there is something else blocking it (umatrix, privacy badger), but with this installed and without, the test site show the same fingerprint
  • Some websites just don't work with this addon enabled. The notification is annoying and the reasons dev gives for keeping it that way are not justified.

    Try CanvasBlocker instead, it's still being updated.
  • Works as advertised, but every time it it detects an attempt to fingerprint you get a notification. It gets to be very annoying and there is no way to disable the alert.
  • While the idea is nice theoretically, practically this addon isn't all that useful. Apps using canvas for legitimate reasons (i.e. WhatsApp web file upload, draw.io file export) will often have coloured tint (or sometimes it will just break the app completely) on them, which not only affects the web experience, but will also make you trackable. The addon does have a white-list function, but I haven't been able to get it to work. There's also an annoying notification that pops up on every webpage that tries to read your canvas hash and you can't actually disable it.
  • It is absolutely ridiculous that you can't disable the notification when a page (MOST PAGES) try to read your fingerprint. Seriously. I emailed the developer about it and he said he didn't plan on changing anything more than a year ago. Completely bonkers.
  • When using on localhost, it causes issues viewing xml files. This should be fixed. There should be a way for this plugin to be disabled on localhost or
  • Nice protection, love what it does. But alas it's impossible to disable notifications, and more importantly to disable the very annoying sound !!!
  • Would be nice to have an option to disable notifications when a page is reading the fingerprint.
  • It claimed to be a better solution than "Canvas fingerprint blocking tactics" in its artical. But indeed, it is very easy to be detected. By drawing a large gray (#666) block and read its content, browsers without this extension installed will report all pixels are gray. But with this extension, You would get a green / red / blue or some other colored pixels. And by testing the changing of colors, website may simply know a user is using this extension. As the result, this extension won't be better than a canvas fingerprint blocking tool as it claimed. While there are more users using tools to block a fingerprint (as a built-in of Tor browser), using this extension would be even a worse idea.
    The article you mentioned was written almost 2.5 years ago. Since then new technologies emerged and we also wrote additional articles clarifying questions around canvas fingerprinting.

    We also work on perspective technologies for protection from canvas fingerprinting, see a video presentation here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xSTFf-xKmE0
  • This is awesome!!!
  • I love generating new noise!
  • good
  • It works fine
  • Works as expected, easy to use: install and forget. Been using it for months, don't plan to stop using it..
  • Works to change the canvas hash, but the settings page is missing so I can't enable auto changing hash or disable the popup every time a site reads the canvas ID.

    Edit: Turns out the settings button is there but cut off since the contents of the settings panel is more than 280px high and the author of this extension set body height: 280px. Please set body {overflow: hidden scroll;} instead of overflow: hidden or set the body height to greater than 280px so the settings button won't get cut off.