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  • Since yesterday it works no more! Add-on is suddenly declared as "unsigned". Although still listed in the Firefox Add-Ons, I can not download it anymore and try to install it new. In total, 8 add-ons are concerned since yestereday. Solution found: NONE!
    This is not related to the add-on. The add-on could not disable other add-ons in your browser.
    There is currently an issue with Firefox browser. Mozilla team is working on a fix for your Firefox browser to resolve it.
  • Отличный снайпер...
  • Myibidder is the best! Thanks for a great app!
  • I can relax knowing my bid will be put on for me.
  • Sometimes do not work? ALL snipers sometimes do not work...

    Nessun sniper garantisce 100% dei successi e spesso a causa di problemi indipendenti dallo sniper stesso.-
    As normal bidding, sniping does not guarantee winning. The sniper just places your bid, but if it was rejected by eBay or seller, there is nothing much can be done about it.
  • parfait, merci !
  • I've lost out on over 50% of bids due to no bid being placed, so I can no longer recommend this snipe program. The last snipe was well over the ending bid and they stated my bid was too low.
    If there was a less then one star rating I would use it because this program isn't worth having.
    Do not install you will be very disappointed.
    Please contact support directly for the service-related questions.
  • I am not using it any more with Firefox. I left a snipe at least $10.00 more than the "winning" big on ebay and once again, My Bidder failed to post .. won't use it. I've lost two of the best deals EVER because My Bid's failed
    Please note that sniping does not guarantee winning. You have to meet seller's and eBay's requirements for your bid to be accepted.
    Please feel free to contact support directly if you need more information or need assistance with it.
  • This AddON worked perfect till yesterday (Firefox 45.0). Then the Myibidder button in eBay disappeared. I couldn't get it back, neither by deactivate/reactivate nor by deinstall/reinstall. Too sad. Please fix the problem as fast as you can. Thank you in advance.

    Update 1: It still works properly with Chromium/Chrome.
    Update 2: I'm successfully using all the AdONS for more than 24 months and without any conflict between them. Well, let's have a look.
    It seems like you have a conflict with other add-on installed in your Firefox.
    I have no control over other add-ons and it's not possible to remotely activate/deactivate them. Please disable other add-ons to see which one is causing the conflict.
  • Попробывал много онлайн сервисов - этот оказался самый лучший
  • I do not expect him to such good results!
    He won more than 20 auctions at the lowest price!
  • Отличная программа.
  • Funziona alla perfezione!
  • This is an awesome app.I don't always have time (or at work) to do a last minute bid on ebay. It allows you to bid when you can;t. No problems with it, works every time.
  • Awesome application!
    Great tool for buying on eBay.
  • Präzise arbeitendes Firefox-Add-on. Damit ist der Auktionsgewinn bei Ebay so gut wie vorprogrammiert. Nutze das Add-On seit langer Zeit ohne ein einziges technisches Problem. Absolut empfehlenswert !!!!
  • I love this add on and use it every time I bid. As long as I've bid high enough, I win the auction.
  • Myibidder auction bid sniper provides perfect solution for all those that buy at auctions. So far this add-on has no conflicts with other extensions. It is stable and good.
  • Great add-in when you know you will not be near a computer when an auction is going to finish.
  • В новом интерфейсе eBay не показывает на странице рядом с полем "Ставка" информацию о вашей ставке. Раньше было всё ОК, а сейчас непонятно - сколько ты поставил на этот лот. В остальном нормально. Может переделают под новый интерфейс eBay?

    In the new interface eBay your program does not show made ​​me bid. Correct, please for the new interface eBay.
    Please make sure you login to the sniper to see your snipe. The sniper can't show your current snipe when you are not logged in because it does not know who you are.
    Please always contact support directly for support questions. There is no way to help if you don't provide any relevant information.