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  • I use this more or less every day - it's so lightweight and a superb annotation tool. Naturally I was shocked to learn the icon had disappeared from the toolbar making it completely unusable!


    Developer response

    Thanks for your report. Please contact me at support@skillbrains.com so we can try to solve this problem.

  • Great tool, but how long the image stays on your server ?

  • Great, handy and a lightweight screenshot plugin. However it is buggy since last couple of releases. The icon is not showing up anywhere. Developer, please fix this bug!

  • Очень удобное дополнение.
    Возможности выделять области для копирования непосредственно в видео и флэш-приложениях, а также редактирование выделенной области прямо на странице приятно удивили меня. Именно этих функций мне не хватало в дополнении Fireshot, которое я использовал ранее. Спасибо!

  • Really good addon, but ... How can change the default folder wher to save screenshots?

  • The icon disapper in the toolbar!
    I had updated several times,this problem still exist.
    Plz deal with this,thx!!

  • The toolbar icon and right click selection have disappeared. (v4.6.0)
    Removing and re-installing Lightshot puts the icon back on Firefox (28) toolbar, but it's still not in the right click menu.

  • Great Tool and Great Icon!!! :)

  • I also experienced the "error uploading image" error, but it's easy to get around; merely save the screenshot to disc and upload it manually. Anyway, what I was pleased with was the ability to take a snapshot of a flash video--which wasn't possible with the other screen-capture addons I tried. For me, that's enough.

  • Since a couple of days ago, everytime I try to upload a photo to facebook, google, etc. I get this message: Error uploading image. Restart?

    I tried rebooting, reinstalling, cleaning the system, still getting the same error. Any solutions?

    Also I agree with starly396, taking screenshots of the whole page would be nice. anyway this is an great addon. Thanks.

    Developer response


    We apologize for the inconvenience caused.
    Current Firefox version has issues with upload due to one of our service providers has changed the API. We already uploaded the updated version of add-on to Mozilla Add-ons site, but the review will take some time. Hope it will be reviewed soon and you will be able to use Firefox add-on as usually.

    Currently you can try Lightshot desktop version. You can download it from here http://app.prntscr.com/ Press PrtSc button on your keyboard to start Lightshot after installation.

  • Thank You so very much for this add-on it's simple, fast, and easy. I love it!

  • Thank you!!!!!
    The best complement of screenshots!!!
    Sended from Spain

  • Brilliant and easy to use. All I need.

  • hands down unequivocally the best add-on in its category.
    simply the best.highly recommend to install!

  • I particularly like that you can choose the exact area that you want to capture. And also that you get a host of different options as to how to save it - as a file, print it, share it etc. etc. Thanks - well done (oh yes. it's well designed too)!

  • Ajuda muito, principalmente se você for web desenvolvedor e precisa fazer muito prints screen ou tem um blog é tudo otemo neste extensão!

  • This addon is perfect! You can copy to directly copy to clipboard, share, upload to pixlr for editing, upload... An you can define wich area of the screen! awesome. Congrats.

  • Sublime ,davvero utilissima.Complimenti allo sviluppatore!

  • I am blown away how quick and easy this tool is - and incredibly useful! I just wish I had seen this sooner!

  • Super!!!!

  • Very good add-on. I needed one easy-to-use add-on to help one teacher friend to create her presentation for school work. After installing and testing several add-ons, I have tryed LightShot which helped me to do the work instantly and without any problems.

    The only con that I have against this add-on is that it doesn't work Linux platform (I use Zorin OS distro). I'm waiting for a Linux version of LightShot.

  • This is a very handy add-on but I'm experiencing a little problem with it when activating via the right click context menu. More often than not the context menu stays on the screen and interferes with the screenshot. Works flawlessly from the toolbar but I don't want to keep the icon in the toolbar.

    Any suggestions for a workaround please?

  • Does exactly what it says it will, quickly and easily. Adding the ability to capture whole webpages would make this 5/5.

  • Great tool!
    Everything works as it should - Lightshot reacts real quick and does not lack functionality. In addition to the Lightshot browser version the desktop application works really well too.
    One cool thing would be to be enabled to set a shortcut to make a screenshot but except for that little thing - AWESOME tool :)

  • so easy to select and do usefull actions, like save as image, print or look for similar images.
    a really great extension