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  • Can't say how much money I saved using this amazing tool, but a lot of it for sure. People should also get a Keppa account for the tracking price feature, who's trully the big money saver. I guess for people aiming to do retail, it's THE must have. And on top of that, and in my opinion the most astonishing of all of it, it's the fact that they offer such a great service while still being respectfull of our privacy and the data they could so easily gather, by letting it as is should be : PRIVATE. Funny enough, they even go to the extant of providing us a tool preventing them (but I guess mostly others) to collect which is ours to keep. I have to say, it's very refreshing to see this nowadays. So, beside my very first review, I can only add a kudos to you Keepa and the people behind it for what you do, and how amazingly you manage to do it.

    /Cheers. A huuuge Fan.

    Edit : And yeah yeah, I hear the complaint about the conflict between some anti-tracking tools and Keepa's add-on, and how much it's a pain to have to sacrifice one to use the other. That's exactly the reason why I went checking their privacy policy, convinced then to find that same bulls*** we've always been fed with. Guess my surprise.
    And for those who are really annoyed by this, some extensions such as Privacy Badger allow to give-in the only cookies needed for some tool to properly work, while keeping the rest still out of 3rd parties reach.