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  • no esta disponibleeee para mi vercion entonces para que lo actualize
  • Contacts are loaded in html, so a step backwards if you want to integrate Contacts on the same page. Tasks however is well implemented with a nice layout.

    For me Contacts is most important so this add-on is not for me. Also, all the advertising to upgrade gets a little annoying.
  • Useful add-on now i can organize my email as i want to make it
  • I didn't need the calendar bit that comes with this (because I never use it anyway), but it's easy to hide.

    The important thing is that Gmail contacts are back where they belong - INSIDE gmail instead of stupidly and idiotically opening in a separate tab/window.

    Now, if the creators of this can just give us the 'old compose' functionality (because the Old Compose addon hasn't been updated in 2 or 3 years), then I'll really be over the moon and would give this a 5 star rating instead of just 4.

    I don't like fussy, time-wasting, complicated and ugly - and I don't want much, but out of the 2 things I most wanted restored to Gmail, this addon has provided one of them, so thank you.
  • Perfeito, melhor impossível!
  • Great app. Now I can organise my mail the way I want it, and have access to all the Google apps as well. Highly recommended.
  • nice information for me,
  • I can get used to this very easily.
  • DE: Auf den ersten Blick ein ziemlich interessanter Dienst. Mal schauen ob und wie es sich im Alltag bewährt. Die Subscription-Pläne sind allerdings viel zu teuer - zum halben Preis könnte ich es mir vielleicht überlegen.

    EN: At first glance it seems to be an interesting service. Let's see how it works in daily business. However, the subscriptions are way too expensive - for half the price I might think about it.
  • This works great on Firefox and suits my needs. The customer service is exceptional and will work through until a solution is reached. Keep up the good work!
  • I was interested in this add-on solely to replace the direct access to recently opened Google Docs/Drive documents that I had through a recently deprecated Gmail lab.

    Having to toggle between the integration and my inbox is inconvenient (the previous lab appeared in the Gmail sidebar), and ultimately not worth the cost (the Drive integration is available only in paid versions) - I can just as easily get to Drive with a bookmark.

    I can see the benefits of this add-on for those who access a variety of Google services regularly, but it doesn't seem intended for the purpose that I was interested in.
  • Great add-on and great service. Tried out the addon, had a small issue (on my end), Michael helped out and now I am golden. Been using it for a few weeks, can't live without it.
  • I installed the free version of this add-on a few days ago.
    When it didn't function properly, I emailed the developer, and he replied quickly with a solution (I am running Firefox Nightly, so I needed a more recent version of Integrated.) I chose to have my Gmail, Tasks and Contacts on my page ... it works great! and save me time. I like the modifications I can make to Tasks, to make it even better. Thanks, Michael!
  • very nice to try
  • while i am just now testing the extension,
    i am compelled to comment on the excellent support provided by the developer, a true professional. a truth: "the difference between amateurs and professionals is not whether there are problems, it is how they are handled." (mm)
  • I updated to the new version for Firefox 15.0.1and still don't work. Nothing shows at all and still look like the basic gmail page. I tried to remove it and install it again and still no luck.
    Hey Janluka,

    Please send me an email at michael at integrated gmail dot com.

  • Thank you Michael, It's working fine again...thank you so much
  • really love it but since firefox update to 14.0.1 seems it doesn't work.
    Hey Mr. No,

    Glad you love IG! We are fixing the issue now and hope to have an update out shortly.

    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience,

  • Great app. Really like everything on one screen. Customer support was great. Had an issue with one computer but they responded very quickly and got it straightened out. Very nice.
  • GREAT productivity enhancement!! My inbox, cal, and contacts all on one page. No jumping around from tab to tab.