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602 reviews for this add-on
  • Makkelijk te gebruiken tussen alle browsers

  • I don't want bookmarks shared.

  • so far seems working well

  • é tudo de bom

  • Detta är fantastisk

  • Love it!

  • non fa perdere tempo, e' veloce

  • parfait

  • I'm new to this service. An iCloud screen appears on my monitor each time I turn it on or open my Internet provider. I don't know why this began happening in the last month. It will not allow me to make any click anywhere on the image without sounds indicating it is not allowed, but it erases if I click anywhere outside the image on my monitor. Can you contact me at and tell me how to stop this?

  • Me gusta la cuenta Icloud por garantizada seguridad y la posibilidad de guardar llevandolo y sin llevarlo contigo. Gracias.

  • It's great

  • 登録したばかりなので、レビューはコメントできません。

  • The experience of updating and adding the icloud extension was easy and painless. I have it on my phone, my pc and now my laptop.

  • I do not have a complete understanding of what I can do with this extension.

  • Alles ok

  • pas trop claire

  • ottimo

  • je vais découvrir super !

  • yes

  • Wunderbar

  • Ts was so easy, I wish everything in life could be this easy.

  • OK

  • thanks

  • Easy to use. Info secure. (Please note I am only partially sighted, in case I make mistakes.) I need hwlp. I appear to have deleted all my contacts from my Apple IPhone. Anything you can do??

  • gut