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  • Just installed this plug-in to access hangouts in Mozilla browser so I don't have to open Chrome simultaneously.

    I like that this plug-in opens in a separate pane out my browser. Its fast and responsive. Just installed so far so good!
  • You can't minimize the application and it doesn't show notifications.
  • very good as recently our school blocked hangouts and cannot access it any more but this add on works as a bypass
  • The fact that it is always on top of the main browser window makes it useless on a single screen machine, such as a laptop.
  • Inútil .. só abre o link para a aplicação Web
  • As far as I can tell this isnt officialy from Google, meaning that your'e handing over your account details to a third party.
  • This extension simply provides a small browser window for accessing the hangouts site. While not really useful, I suppose it works. HOWEVER, the reason I'm giving this 1 star is that it has insane permissions to track all your browsing and data across Firefox. If you install this, you are giving the author permission to "read the content of any web page you visit as well as data you enter into those web pages, such as usernames and passwords." If this is a legitimate add-on, the author really needs to change these permissions.
  • No notification.
  • This is little more than an extension that puts the hangouts.google.com page in its own minimal window without any of the normal task buttons. Not nearly as good as the chrome plugin, but better than nothing. Considering what it is, i'd give it 4 stars, except that it's always on top with seemingly no way to change this. This "feature" makes the plugin completely unusable for any one-screen setup. Your'e better off just going directly to the google hangouts page.
  • Una porquería.
  • Has absolutely no use, adds no interface, just uses hangouts website.

    After you uninstall takes you to shady website https://add0n.com
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