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  • Screenshots are misleading. Currently FoxyProxy Basic has no way to associate patterns (e.g. domains to proxy) with chosen proxies.
    The screenshots are from FoxyProxy Standard. If you need patterns, please use Standard instead of Basic. Thanks for the 1-star review because screenshots are for me other, nearly identical add-on.
  • very strange looking, not like on pictures added here
    The screen shots are out of date but everything works the same. That's your reason for 1-star?
  • Working well for long time, never had one problem, but now i can't eable proxy in the addon.
    After using Proxyfier, for other scope, i have enabled the global rule in it, and after that my proxyfoxy addons as just borke. I can't solve, i tried everything, reinstalling, creating new profile, reinstalling firefox, but nothing, the foxyproxy icon remain the default one and i'm stuck here from 2 days. Obviously no one had that problem and can't find any solution onnline. Can anyone help my with this problem? ( all kind of proxies dooesent work, i'm stuck in direct connection phase) P.s standard firefox proxy settings work, but i need socks5, not the default firefox settings. Regards

    The addons have worked well with this Firefox version (even it's not supported) the problem appeared after the last use of proxifier and only with Firefox Developper ( i have 2 versions installed). 5 stars will surely come after i can get the addon work again, i love this addon who support socks5 with auth. :) Regards
    You are probably using Firefox beta version 71, which is not yet supported.

    Update: Firefox 71 now supported. Please make sure you are using version 7.4.1