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  • Good
  • The option to disable access to addons is a bit difficult to understand, now that I understand I see how this is properly working and can be quite powerful
  • procurava por um add on que bloqueasse de verdade os sites pornográficos, esse funciona
  • on numara
  • Acceptable, but requires too many click to access blocked site list.
  • (Très bonne extension, je l'utilise depuis de nombreuses années mais depuis la dernière mise à jour (v9.0), à chaque démarrage de Firefox le message "Thank you for choosing FoxFilter!" apparait. Merci de désactiver ce message ou donner nous le moyen de le désactiver, c'est énervant à la longue)
    Résolu avec la v9.1 Merci

    (Very good extension, I use it for several years, but after the last update (v9.0), each time firefox start, the
    "Thank you for choosing FoxFilter!" appears. Please just stop that or give us the way to cancel this message.)
    Solved with v9.1 Thanks
  • Very important filter add-on for secure and safe viewing experience for kids.
    A must needed add-on for Firefox and Chrome.
  • ... endlich muß ich die mir verhaßte GMX-Startseite nicht mehr sehen, wenn ich mich aus einem meiner Email-accounts auslogge.
    Danke, FoxFilter!
  • This add-on also works pretty well to prevent spoilers. For example: I didn't have the chance to watch the latest MMA fight, Ronda Rousey vs. Holly Holm yet. So, I'm simply adding their names to the FoxFilter stop words and don't have to worry no more about spoilers while surfing the net.
  • The program is great and it works on all sites that I need it to. No hang ups . I rate it a 10.
  • Looking for an internet filter - this is the one! You can manage your whitelist and blacklist from the cloud and block both domains AND keywords! Forget OpenDNS - here I come, FoxFilter! Oh... and FoxFilter allows you to block all access to removing any addon, so that a user can't even remove FoxFilter!! Just a tip though - make sure the target user does not have administrative rights to the PC, otherwise they can simply reinstall firefox.
  • is just the best among other parental add-ons i've tried so far.
  • Somewhere between a standalone plugin and a full-fledged distributed filtering suite is FoxFilter. The free version is nothing special, and can be disabled with a click. The "hosted" version is fairly well designed, without the bloat of a commercial Parental Control app.

    The only notable shortcomings are support for Firefox only (you'd need to disable or hamstring other browsers to be useful), and being just a little too complex for entry-level users. Still, for a small office looking for filtering that's minimally intrusive without costing a huge sum, this is a good deal.
  • I have found this program for a long time.I like it very much because It help me to control using the internet.I can't access inappropriate web.It's a good filter.I'm sure it would make me stop worrying about the internet.When My sister use the internet I can be a pleasure that My sister will not be able to access a malicious web.My father recommend this program for me.He just give a computer notebook to me.Then he say"If I know you use the Internet in a bad way,you will not use it anymore." I'm very afraid him.: ( Maybe I button in to that page by mistake.But now,This program make me relax from a warnings of my father.Anyway maybe I do not like it.because it makes me feel like not independent.Sometimes the dangerous website is One of the challenges that a teenager want to do it.Finally ,This program should be improved something such as publicity and make the difference with the other. ^ ^
  • The HeliOS Project is an Austin Texas based non profit that fixes broken or decommissioned computers then gives them to disadvantaged Central Texas kids. We know how important it is to keep kids safe on the Internet. Many of our kids are between the ages of 8 and 12, and some are latch-key kids, meaning they are home and alone before their parents arrive.

    It's not every child that goes looking for trouble on the Internet...unfortunately, trouble has no trouble finding them. That's why The HeliOS Project finds FoxFilter the perfect solution for unattended kids using the computer. What we appreciate more than anything is the ability to centrally update the "blocked" list and the settings from a remote machine. The Internet changes faster than the weather so new websites with innocent-sounding names can be a nightmare for a child to stumble onto. We can update our FoxFilter account quickly and remotely, saving us both time and money.

    FoxFilter is also installed on our classroom machines. Our brick and mortar facility has 12 computers open for daily use. Our staff cannot always monitor every machine for inappropriate behavior or surfing so FoxFilter has been invaluable for us.

    This is the tool parents and guardians need when they can not be there physically.