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  • I agree with Andyn (previous post) about not being able to remove a city/country. I added one by accident.
    The options seem less versatile than before; must be something to do with the way FF 57 is set up.
    Otherwise this is a great add-on -- been using it for years. One star dropped only because of the inability to remove a time point.

  • Have used Foxclocks for a while now & glad to see it's back in FF57.

    One thing though.....I can add towns/cities to my list BUT can't delete anything from my list (something I could do on previous FF versions).

    Also note that when I print off page 1 of a web site I get Foxclocks somewhere on the page...again something that didn't happen with previous versions.

    Something for a future update, perhaps?

    UPDATE.....just noticed you can now add/remove locations from your list. Thanks Andy.

  • This is one of the best extensions for people who work with globally distributed teams.

    Note to author: nice job on the options page, one of the best I've seen for an extension. I will use it as a reference for other developers.

  • Love this add-on, and the fact it's now updated for FF57.

    There is a bug with the add-on bar where FoxClocks sits, not sure if this is a FF bug, or related to FoxClocks as that's the only thing I have in that add-on bar now.

    When a site has a vertical scrollbar because the content is long, and you scroll right down to the bottom, FoxClocks (well, the add-on bar it sits in) still obscures some content. It looks like it's overlapping the bottom of the page, rather than below it. On most sites not an issue, but if they have clickable links right at the foot of the page or text entry (like Hangouts chat in gmail), it's a problem, as you cannot see those.

  • Many thanks for making this compatible with FF Quantum. FoxClocks is an extension I find really useful in my work - shows me the time for several of my colleagues around the world in a glance.
    HOWEVER: it turns out the new status bar function messes up several webpages I commonly use, so I disabled it. Also, it’s a pity that there is no localized version (yet?). I hope that will return; it took quite a bit of effort back in the day to get all the translations right, and it would be a shame if the effort (and not just mine) is now wasted. So, four stars for now, because it’s still awesome!

  • Good app, have been using it for 2+ years now, but seems this latest one for the FF Quantum 57, the plugin has left back something from the previous version.
    I am not able to define the timezone name like it used to work for the previous version. This is very important for my work as I need to see the time differences as per the different time zone names and this makes it handy and accurate to do the conversions.
    Like If I say PST gap to CST, it is not possible to do that now until I do it manually using some other method.
    Also, the DST updates were automatic that way earlier, which is lacking now.

    In the previous version, adding 'z' used to work with custom format, but there is no option in this latest version. Even if it is there, it does not do that thing. It just displays UTC there.

    Pls add it back as soon as possible. This will be great.

    Thanks a ton

  • In one glance I can see what time it is where my coworkers are, to help me schedule meetings more efficiently. Such a handy add-on! Thank you for updating to the WebExtensions API!

  • utile et discret

  • Muy bueno

  • This is probably a bit much to ask and I know you're busy but is there any way you could consider updating the legacy version to work again with 58/59 nightly? Mozilla is allowing legacy addons to continue in the unbranded firefox versions and I miss the toolbar icon that easily displayed the time and date. I'm not exactly sure but the recent break with foxclocks 4.3.2 might have had something to do with nsIPrefBranch changes. Thanks for your work.

  • Hello Andy,

    I have used Fox Clocks for a long time and I know that the new APIs are being a frustration for many a developer.

    Could you please find a way (I am assuming you already trying that now though) to have the time/date displayed for a city, instead of the icon of Fox Clocks. This for me, was Fox Clocks greatest strength.

    For looking over a list, clicking on the icon and comparing - that is more than fine. But the ability to scan the tab bar and see the time and date - it is something that I miss at the moment.

    Thank you for Fox Clocks Andy

  • Nice to see this available for FF57, but it looks to have some usability problems. For example, I can only add new cities, but not delete any. After making additions it only displays on bottom-left rather than right. Or am I missing some user-interface elements somewhere?

  • The Firefox 57 compatible version just appeared when I opened Firefox. I feared FoxClocks wouldn't survive the transition to WebExtensions, but you guys delivered. Great job!

  • I used Foxclocks for years and loved it but it does not longer work with FF57. I cnly have an icon in the task bar. When clicking it it shows three time zones that I have not created, my existing ones are gone. When I click on Foxclock options it opens the Firefox Add-ons.
    So here are my questions.
    1. How do I customize Foxclocks
    2. How do I bring back my old settings
    3. How do I create a menu bar at the bottom of FF with the different time zones as I had in the past.

    Btw the new FF does not play well with my Colorfoul tabs, it is hurting my eyes. Since MSFT has used their awful color scheme starting with W8 combined with flat buttons, everyone believes that they should follow suit. Why???

  • Thanks for upodating it to FF 57. But please, how do I load my custom settings from my fixclocks.fcl file?

  • nice work on port works like chrome limited as it is IT WORKS!! im staying w legacy and 56x most my ad ons not ported yet most may never will

  • yes, need for new firefox addition

  • Great add-on, hope update for FF 57+ will be available soon.

  • I am an American living and working overseas. I often times communicate with people/companies in the U.S.A. and generally like to know what time it is depending on the US time zone. Fox Clocks was superb for allowing this capability at a glance. Now I will need to find a different app to place on the desktop.
    Perhaps the developer could look into the possibility of developing an app for Win10 which sits on the desktop independent of any browser?? I'm guessing he already has thought about this and likely ruled it out due to cost, time commitment, issues with MS, etc.
    Ah well. Thank you for such a marvelous app while it worked!! : )

  • Love FoxClocks; one of my essential addons. I hope the developer is able to get at least basic functionality working with the ability to choose and order clocks on a toobar at the bottom.

    Shame on FireFox for expressing such a poor API that basic essential addons such as FoxClock, FlagFox, Classic Theme Restorer, Download Status Bar, and Favicon Restorer can't work. They'd fail my computer science classes!

    Edit: I've switched to Waterfox, and it works perfectly!

  • Have used and recommended FoxClocks for many years.
    I certainly hope it can be updated to the new version of Firefox which does not seem to have much improvement except a more attractive default theme.

  • Really nice extension.
    Will wait for an FF57+ version.

  • I love Foxclocks and look forward to the update. Thank you for all your hard work.

    Edit: Nov 18th, 17 Just popped up. You are a genius!!!

  • I love this add-on! I hope it will be available for Firefox Quantum :(

  • I love foxclocks. I work internationally and it is a lifesaver - I've recommended it to many colleagues. But today, tragedy! My browser automatically updated, foxclocks has disappeared (and as often it's one of the very first things I need from my browser in the morning) and apparently it's not compatible with the new firefox quantum! I hope you're making a new version - and thanks for making such a great add-on in the first place :)