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  • Great add-on, but it would be far more useful if I could whitelist sites (a list of sites to use Exify with) instead of blacklisting them (Shutting them off for each site).

    Most images on websites are graphics and this add-on is not useful or, in worst case, cause issues with them.

    I would only want to enable this add-on for photo viewing/gallery sites like Photobucket, Instagram, Giphy, etc.

    Also, the ability to hide the icon and disable any overlay when no EXIF data is available instead of showing the gray icon would be a welcome addition as well.
    Added an option for whitelisting sites instead of blacklisting.
  • The aperture is not showed with Pentax cameras. But ExifTool shows it...

    As I cannot add a comment, i'll add it here.
    I have found the error. It is only with resized Flickr photos where the aperture is not present. Sorry !
    Hi, can I ask for an example link?
  • I can't get the exif from my own photos and i know that exif is saved in my photos. Why is that? I can send one of my photos for you to take a look at...

    Please mail me at toddeswe@gmail.com

    How do you mean, view my photos? When i view my photos on my computer i use Directory Opus. The photos i can't see the exif with is with my Firefox browser on every forum or site i have use your plugin does'nt work.

    Here's a link to my 500PX account: https://500px.com/photo/302970009/robins-r%C3%B6dhake-by-torbj%C3%B6rn-aronsson?ctx_page=1&from=user&user_id=29701201

    The only pictures i can use it with success is on a swedish photo-magasin: https://www.fotosidan.se/gallery/viewpic/3702682.htm

    Please let me know soon on a solution to this or else i will continue my quest for a exif viewer.

    So why even bother to make this plugin if almost every photopage is removing the exif data? I know that it works now because of ONE site but it's no meaning to have this plugin or anyone else because of this removing. Why are they removing the exif? Does it take up so much place?

    No you're right, i liked this ones layout and all so my rate was not fair.

    I'll let this text stay so other can learn why it isn't working on all pages, and i've corrected my rating. Thanks!
    Hi Torbjörn, how are you viewing your photos?
    Please send me a link to a site with one of your photos.
    Hi again.
    500px strips all EXIF data from photos during upload (as do many other sites), so there isn't any data in the uploaded photo itself to display.

    You are of course free to try other EXIF viewers out there.

    With keen regards, Anton.
    I believe big sites strip EXIF data to optimize storage/traffic, yes.

    500px, Flickr, etc.. usually display basic EXIF info somewhere on the photo's page, but the image itself doesn't include any metadata.

    This makes the add-on unusable in such cases, but it's still useful (and doesn't deserve the 1 star rating, if you ask me) in various smaller photography forums/portals, such as the one you linked to, where metadata is kept intact.
  • Super! Very easy and realy good!
  • vlug en doeltreffend
  • 到了2017年底,firefox浏览器竟然把这么好的插件丢掉了,真是猪头。
  • Very usefull, simplicity. Just à problem when uploading a picture on forum : Exifs appear under the picture verticaly in same style (font/size) than the view (see an ealier review).
    This extension can be the ultimate exif tool if added
    - Choice of informations to be displayed (in a preference pannel)
    - Exifs can be add under the picture when uploading but horizontaly not verticaly and with the choice of the style.
    Please developp the new standard.

  • einfach, GUT!
    informativ für Fotografen und Hobbyfotografen!!!
  • I really like the simplicity.These are all the items I need for a "first glance/check" of an image.

    My problem arises when I put an image onto a photography forum /site, eg. "Cambridge in Colour".

    the exif appears below the uploaded image...


    focal length




    Is it possible to remove the exif when uploading ?
  • Good add on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • - Too large font
    - No adjustable font size
    - No "more.." button to find more then the most basic info
    - Does not scale well with image size
  • bon plugin, fonctionne parfaitement, le seul point noir est le redimensionnement des image quand la souris passe sur la photo.. :/ sans cela le plugg serait parfait !

    Good pluggin but it resize image when the mouse pass on... it's quite irritating :/ with out this it'll be perfect !
  • For me this is perfect, to see which cam, aperture, shutter and ISO have been used by other foristis taking their photos. I wish there was something similar for IE as well.
  • Doesn't work in OSX. Doesn't work with big images.
  • It doesn't work with full view images, only small size pictures, and also, it doesn't say what camera was used. Only Focal Length, Aperture, Exposure, ISO. Useless.
    Can you give some example links so I can look into it?
  • the addon works very well, but I have got a problem: my homepage views the gallery then always on the left window side, because of this addon. Is there some help?
    Hopefully will be fixed in the next version. Thanks.
  • would you please add 'metering mode' which is useful for lenrning take photo. It would be great if the users could customize the fields to show .
  • Very very useful. Would love to add some more EXIF fields, but hey, it's great as it is.
  • Doesn't always work. Not compatible with certain ways of enclosing pictures, mouseover exif can also be annoying
  • I've been looking for a good EXIF viewing plugin for a long time, and this one is the first that doesn't feel clunky or ugly ! Great work and a very good tool, simple and lightweight. Thanks for this ! Being able to customize the displayed data would be great though.
  • The Addon itsself is great and works very well!
    Would be great if you could customize the Exif-Tags displayed (like the lens used) and edit the names (for translation into german or whatever :p )
  • I like it! Like somebody else said, it would be extra nice to have the option to add some additional tags, like date taken, etc..
  • Photo info pops up on the image upon mouseover. No delay and clean display. Thanks!
  • Nice add-on if you use photo's a lot!
    Would be nice to view more exif tags.
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