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94 reviews for this add-on
  • Works very well, but there's really too much data displayed on the main screen. It would be nice if you could customize what's displayed. For example, all I need are things like date/time, focal length, shutter speed, aperture, ISO, and maybe a few other things.

    I don't really need to see Components Configuration, Aperture Value (APEX), etc.

    Developer response

    You are not the only one to request something like this; try selecting the "Basic information only" checkbox to see if that suits your needs. Note that this selection is persistent until you uncheck the box, so you will only need to do this once; subsequent displays will only show the basic info.

    - Alan

  • I'm using FF 10.0.1 on Win64, and EXIF viewer works fine. Many thanks to Raskin for his work!

  • I also use FF 10 and it says that is not working anymore .. but it works .. however .. do you update ..???

  • I love having this app available for checking details in image files; however, Firefox 10 update warns that it is no longer compatible and will be disabled, so are there any plans to upgrade it? Thanks.

    Developer response

    I've read that Firefox 10+ will assume that an extension is compatible unless explicitly told otherwise, but that the updater is unaware of this and gives a false warning. So, it seems that you should ignore the warning and upgrade anyway; please let me know if there are any problems.

  • Works great, simple, intuitive. All you could ask for from an add-on.

  • Thank you, RealworldCE Admin for your kind explanation.
    I made it and added some translation of descriptions for Japanese people.

  • Download:
    Rename File to: exif_viewer-1.65-tb+fx_fx6.xpi
    Follow instructions how to edit an xpi file here:

    Actual required change in the install.rdf file:


    Finally it should look like this:
    2.0.0.*) -->
    em:maxVersion="6.0.*" />

    Editing the file and saving can be done using an Archive Editor, then simply drop the modified file inside Firefox 6.
    Job done. Enjoy :)

  • Could you make this add-ons compatible with the firefox 5, please? I am using it every day. Thanks in advance.

  • Bad UX.
    Could we have an add-on comparable to "EXIF Reader" for Chrome?

  • 勉強のために他の人の写真のExifデータを読むことが多くあります。もちろんExifデータを見ただけでなにかが身に付くということはありませんが、他の人の写真を「読む」ことは非常に重要です。この拡張はそのような撮影の勉強を強力にサポートしてくれます。

  • Really nice product. I use ExifTool when I am not in Firefox but when I am Exif Viewer is the best.

    One request, can we get the Lens field from the XMP data added to Exif Viewer?

  • Works great; no complaints

  • Could you also add a view for histogram in this addon? That's will be perfect!

  • Now Exif Viewer is also available in the Czech language!

  • Thank you for this convenient tool. Could you display the "Jpeg comment" metadata alongside the Exif and the IPTC ?

  • UPDATE: GO TO THE MAIN SITE (HOMEPAGE) and go to downloads for 3.6 support.

  • u can find never in
    works fine now again

  • It's a very helpfull tool to learn from good photos.
    Please update it.

  • I love this addon (when it worked, well, before firefox updated to 3.6)

    Simply right click an image to view exif and it only took a second.

    Please make compatible with 3.6 :(

  • Please update to be compatible with Firefox 3.6 You are the only good exif viewer out there for Firefox!!!!

  • Please update to be compatible with Firefox 3.6 You are the only good exif viewer out there for Firefox!!!!

  • Excellent plugin, Thx!
    Version 1.52 from the authors website works well with Firefox 3.6.

  • Please make this compatible with Firefox 3.6! Love this extension!

  • The plugin is excellent, but as noted doesn't work with Firefox 3.6. He has an unofficial upate, 1.52, on his website linked above that I just installed in 3.6 - it seems to work fine.

  • Exif Viewer 1.51 is incompatible with the latest Firefox update. Firefox version 3.6 is incompatible with your update. PLEASE update your extension to enable compatibility! I would greatly appreciate this!