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  • Exellent!

  • Makes using "YouTube " a totally different experience.

  • einfach klasse diese app

  • so o fato de de controla os videos e muito bom

  • I'd like to thank the developer for this cool extension. A lot of features like: the large player, controlling the sound by scroll, the miniplayer that floats when you're reading the comments, etc. are super helpful. I am glad this extension exists. If I had money I'd totally donate it for this. I use it almost everyday. So, thanks!

  • La personalizacion de Youtube , y evitar las molestas publicidades y anotaciones. es excelente

  • great!

  • Brilliant

  • Tout simplement géniale cette application ;-)

  • Excelente!!

  • Thanks, it so good for me!

  • I love the features and customization options available. By being able to skip ads on-demand, I can help out the channels I really love. I can fine-tune the speed of the video (which again the speed interval is able to be changed; I set it to ±0.05×), which is useful for grinding out long videos. Furthermore, the popup player on the corner of your choice is useful because you may type or browse comments while still watching the video! Of course, you can change the size of it. There are also style themes to customize the look of the website.

    With so many features, it makes watching videos and interacting with the comments section a lot easier.

  • It's fantastic, with a lot of options and easy of tune. One of the best add-ons I've used (and I use twenty more or less)

  • хорошая штука с разными темами для ютуба. Рекомендую!

  • 2

  • It works

  • Ótimo.

  • I searched and found this Extension when I couldn't do Full Screen with YouTube videos. I finally found out that I had too many Tabs and browser windows. I can now do Full Screen, but I still have and use this nice Extension.

    - Pj

  • REally like this but WTF s up with Commie youtube saying we cant use it anymore. Had to disable it to get FF to accept YT formats and play. They told me YT is not allowing any of this anymore

  • giving this 4 stars because its the best thing out there for youtube in a long time. if i could get the ability to save my setting to a file for restore and transfer to another pc or browser would earn that last star for sure.

  • amazing

  • Awesome !!!!

  • This is an amazing add on. I use it on all my browsers from Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi and Edge as well as Opera on Windows 10 Pro. It is really slick and fluid.

  • From time to time I test others extension that promisses to do the same... or they're not optmized as much as this or is simple a lie.
    This is just the best extension and do all it promisses and continues to be up to date.

  • Awesome add-on!