easyGestures N Version History

8 versions

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Version 6.1 263.4 KiB Works with Firefox 63.0 and later

  • enabled "Search Web" action
  • improved visual consistency across the different menu types
  • simplified many style declarations and some pieces of code related to the display of the pie menu and the execution of actions

Version 6.0 362.1 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 58.0 and later, Firefox 58.0 and later

  • new action icons!
  • new extension icon and tip images
  • minor theme improvements

Version 5.4 321.8 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 58.0 and later, Firefox 58.0 and later

  • the limitations related to the migration to WebExtensions listed in the release notes of versions 5.2 and 5.3 remain valid, except for what follows:
    • fixed actions: "Homepage", "New Window", and "Copy Image" (which only supports PNG and JPEG images)
    • changed and renamed "Toggle Find Bar" action to "Find and Highlight Selection"
    • removed actions: "Show Bookmarks", "Toggle Bookmarks Sidebar", "Toggle Bookmarks Toolbar", "Show History", "Toggle History Sidebar", and "Show Downloads"
  • new actions: "Show Print Preview", "Load Page in New Tab", "Remove Highlight", "Enter Reader Mode", and "Take Tab Screenshot"
  • the permissions requested by this extension are documented in the README (https://github.com/ngdeleito/easyGestures/blob/development/extension/README.md)
  • the tab opener is now set when new tabs are opened (except for the "New Tab" and "New Blank Tab" actions)
  • new default menus
  • menus can be now reset in the preferences dialog
  • fixed issues:
    • opening links by clicking through the pie menu center did not work when the "Open Link" action behavior was used
    • tips started at tip number 2 when the extension was installed

Version 5.3 318.5 KiB Works with Firefox for Android 54.0 and later, Firefox 54.0 and later

  • finalized the migration to WebExtensions
  • the limitations listed in the release notes of version 5.2 remain valid, except for what follows:
    • fixed actions: "View Page Source", "Show Only This Frame", and "Paste"
    • "Cut", "Copy" and "Paste" actions can appear again as disabled (with some limitations)
    • removed actions: "Autoscrolling", "View Page Info", "Focus Location Bar", "Quit", "Restart", "Firefox Preferences", "Add-ons", "Undo", and "Redo"
    • removed support for activating autoscrolling through the pie menu center
    • the pie menu can again be opened inside a frame, and "Page Top" and "Page Bottom" actions work again inside frames
    • the custom icon URL for "Run Script" actions needs to be manually provided in the preferences dialog through a text input box
    • favicons cannot be retrieved nor displayed
    • removed support for upgrading from versions prior to 5.2
  • new actions: "Copy Page URL", "Copy URL to Identifier", "Move Tab to New Window", "Load URL in New Private Window", "Bookmark this Identifier", "Remove Bookmark to this Page", "Remove Bookmark to this Identifier", and "Remove Bookmark to this Link"
  • improved code dealing with preferences and code running in content scripts

Version 5.2 323.3 KiB Works with Firefox 52.0 - 56.*

  • migrated most of the extension to an embedded WebExtension
  • limitations due to the migration to a WebExtension:
    • the pie menu can only be opened on pages whose location starts with "http://", "https://" (except https://addons.mozilla.org/), and "file://" and "about:blank" (with limitations, as some actions do not work on these type of pages)
    • it is currently not possible to perform a cleanup operation when the extension is disabled; reenabling the extension afterwards might require explicitly reloading pages to reset the internal state of the pie menu on those pages
    • the pie menu cannot (currently) be opened inside a frame
    • the following actions can no longer appear as disabled: "Back", "Forward", "Cut", "Copy", and "Paste"
    • it does not seem to be possible to migrate the following actions (they currently appear as disabled and will normally be removed in the next version of the extension): "Back Site", "First Page", "Forward Site", "Last Page", "Home Page", "Autoscrolling", "Toggle Find Bar", "View Page Source", "View Page Info", "Show Only This Frame", "Focus Location Bar", "Search Web", "Quit", "Restart", "Show Bookmarks", "Toggle Bookmarks Sidebar", "Toggle Bookmarks Toolbar", "Show History", "Toggle History Sidebar", "Show Downloads", "Firefox Preferences", "Add-ons", "Copy Image", "Undo", and "Redo"
    • "New Blank Tab" action no longer gives focus to the location bar
    • "New Window" action became an alias of "New Blank Window"
    • "Bookmark This Page" action appears disabled if the page is already bookmarked
    • "Bookmark This Link" and "Bookmark Open Tabs" actions do no longer open a popup for user interaction
    • the URL of custom icons for "Run Script" actions is displayed in place of the icon itself in the preferences dialog
    • "Paste" action is temporarily broken
    • autoscrolling through the pie menu center no longer works (as WebExtensions create “untrusted” events)
  • "Reload" action only reloads now the current tab
  • replaced the last XUL-based control in the preferences dialog (the one for customizing the "Daily Readings" action folder) with an HTML-based control; the corresponding preference needs to be manually reset
  • custom tooltips for "Load URL" and "Run Script" actions are now only displayed on the pie menu
  • stats by direction are now updated when the extra menu is shown
  • stats are automatically refreshed while the preferences dialog is open

Version 5.1 328.0 KiB Works with Firefox 41.0 - 56.*

  • replaced (most of) XUL-based preferences dialog with an HTML-based page
  • merged the stats dialog into the preferences dialog
  • redesigned the control for customizing menu layouts and the clicks by direction stats tab
  • properly fixed closeTab action in Firefox 50+ (thanks to Gijs Kruitbosch!)

Version 5.0 335.7 KiB Works with Firefox 41.0 - 51.*

  • fixed issues:
    • when using autoscrolling through the pie menu center the autoscrolling control appeared at the last clicked location instead of at the pie menu center (thanks gamingexpert13 for reporting!)
    • closeTab action did not always work in Firefox 50+
  • replaced XUL-based tips and stats dialogs with HTML-based pages
  • got rid of DTD localization files
  • minor improvements in the tips, stats and preferences dialogs

Version 4.14 335.7 KiB Works with Firefox 41.0 - 50.*

  • exporting and importing preferences is again possible (importing is however backwards incompatible with the file format used by the original easyGestures)
  • removed items:
    • iconless menus
    • no longer supported locales (cz-CZ, de-DE, hu-HU, it-IT, ja-JP, ko-KR, pl-PL, pt-BR, sk-SK, tr-TR, zh-CN and zh-TW)
    • support for upgrading from versions prior to 4.8
  • fixed issues:
    • Firefox's context menu was incorrectly shown when the right mouse button was used to display an alternative menu
    • custom icons for the loadURL and runScript actions were displayed even if this led to mixed context
    • upgrading required disabling and reenabling the extension
  • runScript actions are now run in a frame script with lower permissions
  • reorganized code into JavaScript modules