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  • Possible threat to your privacy

    You are trying unnecessarily to convince me.
    I believe in Avast because he never left me unprotected.
    This is not an advertisement for Avast but a fact that he presented to me and I trust him more than anyone else.
    Contact Avast if he finds that there is no danger and I will gladly accept your extension.
    I wrote this for you to check and remedy a possible threat or unintentional omission.

    If Avast officially announces that it was their fault I will delete my comment and reinstall your extension.
    No, it's not. This Add-on is open source. If you don't trust me, you can always take a look at the source code: https://gitlab.com/konstantin-mueller/better-netflix
  • Works!
  • Didn't work for me in Firefox, fantastic response from the dev, an issue was found and corrected, now it works fantastic, best addon for netflix, great communication from the creator
  • Hi, This addon doesn't seem to work for me (I don't see any of the icons shown in your AMO screenshot). Nightly v71 on MacOS 10.14.6
    Unfortunately I can not reproduce this problem. However, I can not try it on a Mac because I don't have one. It works for me with Firefox 69 on Linux and Windows and with Firefox Nightly 71 on Linux. Are you able to try it on Linux or Windows?

    Can you also check in the settings of the Add-on under "Modify the visibility of the buttons" if any checkboxes are checked? All buttons with checked checkboxes are hidden.

    Also, I would prefer if you create an issue (https://gitlab.com/konstantin-mueller/better-netflix/issues) or write me a mail (konstantin.mueller.dev@gmail.com), because we can not answer each other here and we will not be notified after editing the text.

    Edit: The Add-on had an issue where the buttons were not displayed when autoplay is disabled. If you have autoplay disabled, your problem should be fixed. Can you please update the Add-on and try again?
  • Hello.I don't know why,but this extension only works sometimes for me.Sometimes the menu to select bitrate,zoom,ratio,etc appears,sometimes not and 90% of the time,when I select the bitrate,nothing happens...
    Can you try it again with the new update?

    If you still have the problems, I need more information because I never had these problems. How exactly can these problems be reproduced?
  • Does not work on FF 68.0.2
    I works for me with Firefox 68.0.2. What exactly doesn't work?

    Maybe your problem is fixed with the latest update. Can you try it?
  • To me this is the best Netflix customisation there is. It lifts the quality restrictions Netflix put on Firefox and one can experience the service as if using the App, only better and way more userfriendly.
    Thx man!
  • Instead of centering when selecting a different aspect ratio, switching to 21:9 places the video to the right. Zooming out just places things back down to the same size one just tried to leave. Other than that, a little work and I think this would be good.
    You probably have a different player because the video is centered when I try it. Unfortunately I can not help you because I can not reproduce the problem.
  • I chose this add-on based on your quick responses to the community. Even with all the problems you managed to update it.
    And of course, everything is working great!

    Edit: Can I make a small request? If you can make an option to disable each buttons independently? As not everyone will be using the aspect ratio and zoom buttons.
    Thanks for your review.
    I will implement your request. I will probably not be able to finish it this weekend though. But I should be able to finish the implementation next weekend :)

    Edit: I updated the Add-on. You can hide buttons on the Preferences page. I added a button "Modify the visibility of buttons" which opens a popup. All selected buttons will be hidden on Netflix.
  • Got this error code when the addon is activated: M7121-1331
    Firefox 66, OSX

    Edit: No more error, your update fixed it :)
    Unfortunately I can't reproduce your issue because I don't have a Mac. I tried to fix it with the new update but it's just a guess. I hope it works for you. I'm afraid I can't help you if it doesn't. Since the Add-on is open source you can try to fix it yourself though. If you decide to do that, you can create a pull request and I'll gladly accept it:

  • I Recommend to leave this one alone// it stopped all my netflix movies and i have been stuck for 12 hours , Trying ti figure out why netflix stopped working
    it is because this plugin
    do not install

    I only gave ot one start just so i can write a review

    Yes i got an error code its this
    updated today March/31/2019 8 AM
    thank you
    Sorry for the inconveniences. Can you tell me what exactly the problem was? Has Netflix displayed an error code? Which version of Firefox do you use?

    I was able to reproduce your issue and uploaded an update that fixes it on my pc. Can you please update the Add-on, try again and let me know if it works?
  • Edit: As of 27 July (GMT+8) This add on lost its ability for quality selection, but I am not sure if it's just me or does the issue affect anyone else as well. I am on version 68.0.1, Hope for it to be fixed soon.
    Thanks for letting me know about this issue. I have fixed it with the new update :)
  • When plays the next ep, the controls for the previous ep stays and, there will be multiple sets of buttons, crowding up
    I could not reproduce the issue. That could be because we use different versions of the Netflix player. Netflix apparently has different versions of their player for different countries.

    I still tried to fix the problem with the new update. Please let me know if the problem persists. In that case I would need more information about the problem.
  • Doesn't work for me on newest Firefox
    What exactly doesn't work for you? Everything should work on Firefox 65.0.2, as far as I know it is the latest version.
  • Es funktioniert alles einwandfrei
  • Very useful add-on! Really really good!
    The only thing that I don't understand is the bitrate menu, but just because I don't really know what those numbers exactly mean and therefore I can't really make an informed change. (I thought it was going to make it so that I could choose the resolution of the video)
    Besides this, I really REALLY like the tools I found here.
    I'm glad you like it :)

    The bitrates are equivalent to the quality of the video. The higher the number, the better the quality of the video. My add-on automatically selects the highest available bitrate. You can disable this feature in the preferences of the add-on if you prefer the default behaviour of Netflix.
  • Thank you so much, the add-on is working perfectly.
  • Thank you, Konstantin. This is great, I can use all of my TV screen now. Since the advent of on-line streaming media and Software As A Service, end users have been forced to suffer the loss of basic interface, reporting and feedback functionality due to programming policies forced upon us by power hungry corporate engines. This project is just one small step towards placing control back into the hands of the consumer. Would love to see volume control via mouse like VLC ;)

    Would love to see volume control via mouse *wheel* like VLC ;)
    I do everything via a mouse and originally i never realised how useful this was until I had a baby... then you're constantly changing the volume especially when you're watching something with dynamic audio. A quick flick of your scroll wheel can A: prevent waking up the baby and getting into trouble with the missus and B: drop the volume right down so you can hear if they're awake or crying.
    Anyway I'm past that stage now as he actually sleeps through the sound of a chainsaw cutting down a tree but I hate having to move the pointer to change volume now heh.

    Brilliant... you rock.
    What do you mean exactly? Netflix already has a volume slider which can be controlled with the mouse.

    Edit: That's a great idea. I updated the Add-on :)
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