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  • It does what it claims, but for 1 thing.
    Images will not load unless I open the link to the compression service every time I launch Firefox.
  • The Star rating system is so flawed for the kind of addons that this has developed into...

    Conceptwise, it is a clear 5.
    Ease of use, an even clearer 1.

    For the vast, vast majority of users the addon is now just a trap that they might waste much time trying to figure out. Until such a time it somehow automates the process of setting up and maintaining compression services again.

    Further, those who have no problem setting it up are unlikely to really need the star system to find their way here. They will come here via link from articles/blogs/forums and similar.

    So while it might not feel particularly fair, the only reasonable "Star Rating" is a 1.
  • Three hours after I confirmed signing up at Heroku I got an email saying I could deploy the app. After I deployed the app and configured the add-on with the URL from Heroku I got Bandwidth Hero to work. I will do some tests and evaluate Bandwidth Hero.
  • It works like a charm!
  • It seems to rock!

    Setting up your own service is pretty easy and I would guess much more secure.

    About configuration on Android: Press the 3 dots (overflow button) and *scroll* to the end of the menu. You will see "Bandwidth Hero" and there you will find the settings for the add-on.
  • No longer works--you have to set up your own compression service to use this plug-in
  • This is AWESOME.

    Don't be worried about how to set up your own data compression service. It is very simple to do.

    Thank you so much for making this information/ app available.

    Does this also work for DRM content???
  • Hervorragend, im Schnitt 89% Einsparung mit extremer Komprimierung JPG20 - in Farbe. Reduziert die Ladezeit von Webseiten deutlich z.B. in Kombination mit O2 Free mit 1Mbit/s (worauf ich komplett umgestiegen bin seit im regionalen Kabelnetz von Cablesurf mit gebuchten 30MBit/s - jetzt PŸUR nicht mal mehr YouTube streaming in 360p zu Stosszeiten möglich war...
  • Service is down. Has a spot to enter your own proxy, but most people don't have one.
  • Great extension to save mobile internet quota. Just wondering how long heroku free acc will last.
  • Perfect for both mobile and PC, easy to setup, and great all around extension! XDDDD
  • I installed it and got this message. Why doesn't the site I downloaded the plugin say this?

    Public data compression service shutdown

    Due to increased load and complains from ISP we are shutting down public data compression service under https://compressor.bandwidth-hero.com

    You can continue using extension and save data by installing your own service.
  • That's great!
  • Its very unfortunate the service is shutting down

    However i have tried to setup an instance on Heroku, how do i actually see that compression is taking place because i dont see the counters moving when i click the extension icon in firefox
    Have you changed the URL in "Configure data compression service"? It should show a checkmark in the input field icon if everything is correct. When you change the URL and activate Bandwidth Hero - it should be working.
  • Noooooo! I saved a lot of data with it. I don't know why they turned it off. :c
    Due to increased load and complains from ISP we had to shutdown the public data compression service.

    You can still use the extension and save data if you install your own data compression service on Heroku or other hosting platform.
    Check https://github.com/ayastreb/bandwidth-hero-proxy for more details!
  • Pleas Optimze your Add for Mobile Version of Firefox like Android/Iphone.
    Maybe on off button into adressbar?

    It will be great when you save data more than images like "opera mini" !
  • I tried it on my android device using firefox, but how do I configure? no settings

    Sir if the default url/proxy server is use the issue is fixed but when I am using my own proxy the issue remains

    ok it is fix now.. I have to create new and deploy
  • Works very well on large JPEG images. I had to stare at the screen really closely to notice the images were slightly blurry, even when using the highest compression setting. Currently saving 71% on image downloads. Only found two problems: 1. "Convert to black and white" is on by default. I suggest changing this to "off". 2. The transparent background on some GIF and PNG images comes out as black. It would be better if the compression process was skipped for GIFs and PNGs (or at least for small ones, or those with transparent backgrounds).
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