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  • Super efficasse pour la surveillance des mauvaise pages du web
  • Have enjoyed using Avast for some years but suddenly it won't work with Firefox. Appears that Firefox has changed their protocols and Avast has not kept up with this. Why can't these 2 organisations sort it out? Does not make any sense that Avast security so poor that Firefox can't allow it as a Plugin?
  • Je ne peux plus utiliser des modules qui fonctionnaient très bien avant,et je ne peux même pas les réinstaller merci mozilla! Je vais désinstaller votre navigeur, ça devient fatiguant à la longue
  • Since yesterday it works no more! Add-on is suddenly declared as "unsigned". Although still listed in the Firefox Add-Ons, I can not download it anymore and try to install it new. In total, 8 add-ons are concerned since yestereday. Solution found: NONE!
    Hello, please try to update Firefox to its latest version
  • Firefox has already explained multiple times how to dev. So please follow the good development practices, be transparent and I'll use your module again. Thanks.
  • I have been trying for over 4 hours to do an add on for Avast Online Security to Firefox with NO SUCCESS. HELP!
  • I have so many more ads since this. Also Firefox finally disabled it for untrusting certificate or what ever. So I will not reinstall plus it says my connection is bad. No it is not because otherwise I wouldn't be able to write a bad review.
  • The cancellation of the service without any previous advice has been completely unfair. Now, i cannot re-download for unknown reasons. Disappointed. Ill quit your navigator after several years of use if neccessary, no doubt. (3)