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  • 希望能够在这方面加以改进:在手动退出阅读模式之后,不再自动进入。
  • This is a very useful extension. I've only given it four stars because the "Non-Reader-Sites" listings appear to be ignored. URLs like "startpage.com" entered in that box (one per line) still open on Reader Mode. I've tried full URLs, URLs with "/*" appended - nothing works. If that option could be made to work I'd happily give this extension five stars.
  • Works great! But it has an issue that if the website has Disqus and turn it back to normal it keeps switching back to reader view
  • Does't work on android for mobile-review.com, manual switching works fine
  • works but an average extension.
  • Works on Windows but not on Android. Firefox 64.

    What I heard is that Firefox did not implement the required API on Android. Is it true? Sad.
  • What a time-saver.
    If we could get a button to directly register a site without having to open the the extension properties, it would be great!
  • I cannot get it to work on Fox News website.
  • Does it's job, but bugs out when manually switching modes and keeps switching back to reader view, which is an issue for me.
  • I does what it should but i have a suggestion:
    It would be great to be able to tell to not open in reader view a certain page of a website, for example telling it to open in read view all pages of the domain example.com whit the exception of example.com/index
    For example, im reading a web novel, i want chapters to open in read mode, but i don't want the index page whit the url to open in read view because it does not show the url of the chapters, and because how is organized the page is imposible to do whit current features because is something like example.com/chapter1 example.com/chapter2 etc
  • Does exactly as what it should. Really helping me with distraction free.
  • Would be great to be able to synchronize settings between different computers through Firefox Sync
  • 1- Opens the page's reader view only after having opened first the page itself.
    2- More bothering : impossible to return to the source page which keeps on reloading its reader view.

    Worthy concept but unfinished.
  • I use this with the "Try to Show All Pages In Reader View" enabled, which works well for the most part at bringing everything into reader view. The main problem is that the "Non-Reader-View Sites" list doesn't work for some sites, for instance:

    * Sites like "addons.mozilla.org" with subdomains that aren't "www" don't work.
    * Sites without a subdomain like "economist.com" don't work

    If these two problems were solved, this would be a five-star add-on.
  • This saves my eyes and it is what "reading" looks like.
  • Requires ff58 to install?
    Yes, depends on a Firefox API that isn't available in FF57.
  • I love this extension. Around 80% of the news articles I read are by a handful of sites where reading mode works perfectly, and I had configured this extension for these sites. Now that Firefox Quantum dropped support for legacy extensions, I notice how much I have come to rely on this extension.

    Please turn this into a WebExtension to make it compatible again! It looks like the basic API to toggle reader mode for a tab is available: https://developer.mozilla.org/en-US/Add-ons/WebExtensions/API/tabs/toggleReaderMode

    I gave only 4 stars because configuring the extension is cumbersome: you have to manually copy (parts of) page URLs to the extension config page. It would be more convenient if threre was a button on the browser toolbar that does that for you and allows editing the URL (or giving you some auto-generated options with various lengths). Also, having a list of the configured URLs instead of one comma-separated text box would be helpful.
  • Very useful add-on!
    I have three suggestions:
    Could you also add a setting that allows you to see the homepage of a site in normal view, while the other pages can be automatically seen in reader view? This would be very useful for any news sites, since in the homepage there is no text to read.
    Could you add a setting to automatically switch to normal view when the error "Failed to load article from page" pops up?
    Could you also allow the add-on to add to the whitelist or blacklist the site you are on, directly from the toolbar?
    This add-on has great potential!
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