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  • Perfect TOTP client for people who don't like mobile authenticator apps. It automatically backs up your auth entries, offers export/import and password protection.
  • Einfach COOL
  • good
  • AndOTP : Import works, but without labels. You will have to edit them manually.
    WinAuth : Import works flawlessly.
    For Adding Steam : You have to click the edit button, Then copy/paste your "secret" from Unencrypted WinAuth or AndOTP backup.
    For Steam users : You need a rooted android phone and Winauth / SDA.
    Check instructions here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=581563653
    Using WinAuth to setup Steam is by far the easiest method. You still need a phone to recieve SMS. Once setup in WinAuth, you will be able to use your "Secret" key to add it to "Authenticator for FF/Chrome".

    Thank you for this great add-on!
  • super helpful; also great for transferring codes from mobile device to another one since it can show the qr codes for each; on my iphone i can't do that, which is a pain.
  • It looks very good, scans the QR code and generates codes - only these don't work with a standard compliant TOTP implementation! The code is clearly a different one from what I get from FreeOTP (which works).
    How is that? Are there two ways to interpret the spec?

    => Issue created.
    Please report this as a bug.

  • Can't sync