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  • 试试不知道怎么样
  • Great theme we hope make more cool themes thank you
  • TOBI. ...MANGUEKYOU. ....!!! AMAZING! !!
  • 火影迷 不解释
  • love it! but technically thats Obito... ;)
  • Cool theme!
  • 有動畫!!!!!!!
  • I think theme verry good. i like. thanks.
  • I created an account, just want to thanks the author. It's great.
  • I don't know why, but there is something special in this one.
  • Looks really nice but the Sharingan only moved when i set the theme. Then it stopped. It that supposed to happen?
  • Just the best.
  • A bit scary but i like it. The color scheme is nice too. Black and red always look good together.
  • Another Uchiha sharingan
  • yeah i just was browsing for thunder bird theme and ran into this, instantly set it as my theme never changing itr again,
    Side Note: something the eye doesnt always spin i have to disable the theme and re-enable i
  • That's a bad MF right there!