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  • It just doesn't work. The extensions tells me my Angular 8 apps aren't Angular apps and displays nothing else on FFDE.
  • It works. But the design is ugly. You should imitate vuejs dev-tool for a great design.
  • The extension constantly breaks and doesn't update along with the app I'm inspecting. The workaround is to start a new tab, reloading the current one does not help.
  • 555
  • Causing FireFox to not remember my history an being unable to add / manage bookmarks...
  • FInally something for FF. Thanks!
  • Just add white text on router tree while in dark mode. Other than that really useful and fits with firefox as an extension.
  • SUPER!
  • Supper
  • Finally available for Firefox. Excellent.
  • debugging ios device without password
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