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  • ERROR: Failed to import: unrecognized format

    When I'm #Importing the cookies content file type/format JSON.
    Please share some more details. What did you try to import?
  • This is the best cookie manager if you use Firefox Containers, because you can search cookies by container (look for the "Cookie jar" drop-down in the search filters)
  • Terrific add-on (for a while, when I opened it and clicked on "Search" I got the message "Failed to fetch cookies from cookie store firefox-default: First-Party Isolation is enabled, but the required 'firstPartyDomain' attribute was not set", which was fixed by the developer with a new version 1.5). Thanks for your excellent work!
    The latest version (1.5) has full support for first-party domain cookies.
  • Please support the `SameSite` cookie attribute, along with httpOnly and secure
    I opened a new issue to track this request at https://github.com/Rob--W/cookie-manager/issues/18
  • nice
  • Nice, you should insert an AUTODELETE option to delete any non-whitelist cookies after closing/restarting the browser.
  • Initially. I had some stumbles trying to figure out how to work the query tool. Now, I think it's the best cookie editor in a while. Sure, it looks more like a character-based user interface but I'm ok with that; in fact, its growing on me the more I use it because that interface allows for a LOT of flexibility (power). Rob W, thank you!
  • Exactly what it says on the tin.
  • 界面丑, bug多
  • It is not very easy to find the cookies quickly for the currently open page. The icon is also really hard to see on a dark theme
  • Cumpre o que promete, muito útil em sua função.
    Parabéns aos desenvolvedores.
  • I would like to have current website cookie settings displayed without having to go to a new window.
  • What an awfull pice of crap this extension is.. Seriously, it looks like a student school version extension developped with classmates.. Uninstalled two minutes after I installed it.
  • It works perfect, it solves the fact of having to send cookies from android to pc.
  • In comparison to Cookie Quick Manager, this is just a worse version.
  • Function over Form.

    It's not pretty, but the minimal interface is intuitive enough if you have preliminary understanding of how cookies are constructed. It gives a nice overview of all the cookies and its values. It's perfectly fine if you've used excel or deal with data on a regular bases.

    Developer: If you want to simplify things. Make beginner and advanced modes. By default hide all search filters except 'Domain' and use fuzzy search since that's what most people are going for anyways. Ctrl+Shift Selection if possible and Inline editing couldn't hurt either.
  • So ugly I want to stab out my eyes. :-(
  • This add-on may have sophisticated functions, only the appearence is non-self-explaining. What shall I do to achieve my needs? I am not an IT-specialist.
  • I am giving this a high rating because it's the best cookie manager in Firefox I've seen that supports Quantum. That said it's far from perfect, just from using it for a couple of minutes:

    1) The URL Search does not seem to work, and almost got me to immediately uninstall (fortunately the Domain search works well)
    2) The UI is not pretty, but functional (also why does it ask for confirmation to delete a cookie? It's not a big deal if you accidentally delete a cookie anyway)
    > 1) The URL Search does not seem to work

    Can you share an example of a query, with the expected and actual results?

    > 2) The UI is not pretty, but functional (also why does it ask for confirmation to delete a cookie? It's not a big deal if you accidentally delete a cookie anyway)

    I am prompting for confirmation because mass-deletion of cookies is a destructive operation. The deletion can be undone via the UI ("Restore"), but I have added a confirmation just in case.
    I am wiling to add an option to reduce the number of prompts, if desired.

    The review system is not a good place for discussion because of the lack of notifications, so please follow up by mail or Github.
  • not convenient, doesn't work for separate tab with site. Only accesible in settings tab
    > "doesn't work for separate tab with site."

    This should and does work... Click on the Cookie Manager's button in the toolbar and choose "Open Cookie Manager for the current page.".

    This feature was introduced in version 1.4, so if you don't see the button, check whether you are using the latest version of the add-on.
  • Editing cookies doesn't work (I clicked Add / Edit cookie, Copy last selected, wrote my value and hit save, and nothing happened. Cookie still bears the old value), UI is crappy and user unfriendly. Definitely wouldn't recommend for anyone looking for replacement of legacy but well working https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/cookies-manager-plus/

    EDIT: To adress author's comment - I mean the value of the actual cookie. It doesn't update in interface neither touches the cookie at all. It still has the value that it had before I tried to edit it (tested with my own website).
    I suggest you to fix the bugs, make standart addon interface - a window rather than HTML page (So I don't have to type the adress myself, but just click the button on the page where I want my cookies displayed). Then I will gladly change my rating and will happily use this addon. Until then, disabled.
    EDIT: Try the latest version (1.4). If you continue to experience issues, please contact me by e-mail.

    What do you mean by "cookie still bears the old value"?
    Are you looking at the interface,
    the interface after clicking on "Search" again,
    or the site itself?

    The results in the interface are not automatically updated when new cookies are added (the reason is to make sure that the interface looks stable; if the interface were to be updated immediately, then any cookie change initiated by another website can cause the list of cookies to move around).

    PS. In the next update the workflow for editing will be improved, every cookie will have an Edit button to edit the content and automatically update the UI to mark the cookie as edited.
  • Still don't show any cookies...
  • This extension will NOT delete cookies with V57.0.
    To test this extension, I started by trying to delete expired cookies.
    You can select them in the UI and click the "remove selected" button at the bottom and they will be greyed out in the list but that is it. If you refresh the list they are not greyed out any more.
    Since there is a "restore selected" button I thought maybe you had to close the tab to complete the delete but that didn't work either. I even set the FF Tracking Protection to Never.
    What am I missing????

    Looks like V1.4 fixes this issue
    Were you trying to delete cookies with a red expiry date?
    If not, are you using any non-default browser settings?
    If yes, install the latest version (1.4) and try again. As of 1.4 such expired cookies are explicitly deleted if needed.
  • Please add support for resizing and sorting columns.
  • Much more detail that the built-in cookie UI. Aware of container tabs, which is a big plus.
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