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  • This is a good tool for both development and training.
  • 可以导出两种格式的cookie,还能选择指定页面的cookie,功能比起大多数其他扩展要完整和实用的多。界面什么的不重要,实用就行
  • As a developer, this tool helps me to quickly manage and organize my cookies in order to debug and test the applications I build every day. Many people criticize the UI and I agree: It is really terrible from a design standpoint. But: It is efficient once you figure it out and it gets out of the way. I truly like this addon. Thank you for making it.
  • bad gui
  • Не хватает Hotkey на открытие менеджера.
  • Basically, the addOn seems to work fine but the user interface cannot be less ergonomic which dramatically slow down its use.
  • Everything fine, but the design (I mean it's as if there was no html5 standard even in planning).
  • ERROR: Failed to import: unrecognized format

    When I'm #Importing the cookies content file type/format JSON.
    Please share some more details. What did you try to import?
  • This is the best cookie manager if you use Firefox Containers, because you can search cookies by container (look for the "Cookie jar" drop-down in the search filters)
  • Terrific add-on (for a short time, when I opened it and clicked on "Search" I got the message "Failed to fetch cookies from cookie store firefox-default: First-Party Isolation is enabled, but the required 'firstPartyDomain' attribute was not set", which was fixed by the developer with a new version 1.5). Thanks for your excellent work!
    The latest version (1.5) has full support for first-party domain cookies.
  • Please support the `SameSite` cookie attribute, along with httpOnly and secure
    I opened a new issue to track this request at https://github.com/Rob--W/cookie-manager/issues/18
  • nice