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  • thank you for the upgrade for Quantum!
  • Worked great for a long time but now it blocks everything, sites I know are safe, even my email and online banking are being blocked. It's now more trouble than it's worth.
    The WebExtension version has not changed a bit on how it does work or worked regarding the previous "legacy" version, so any additional details you could bring about your issue would be of great help given that is not the case for everybody, thank you!
  • Одно из лучших дополнений по блокировке рекламы
  • This is by far the most useful extension I've used. Saved me from nasty attacks. Please update for firefox quantum, I just downgraded to firefox 56 exclusively for this add-on.
  • dommage qu'il n'y ai pas de version compatible avec firefox Quantum tres bon module :)
  • For you who have thunderbird as an email client, this is perfect.
  • It was perfect, but i am with a new version of FireFox and i can't use it...please make a new version of Bluhell Firewall.
  • The best and easiest add-on I've ever used. This is the first thing I upload when I start on a new computer.
  • The BEST.

    It need update to Firefox Quantum.
  • Prior to new Firefox version, this was the best firewall!
  • Installed FF Quantum (57) but sad to see BluHell is no longer accepted. I tried an AdBlocker but it just didn't feel the same - I don't know if that's real or not. After 2 hours, I rolled back to FF56 and was relieved that my old BluHell extension was still there and working.

    Hope to see an updated version of BluHell soon.
  • please update for Firefox 57 on Android.
  • The most useful extension for Firefox, I just downgraded from v57 after seeing its gone. I like the new version of Firefox but this extension is worth it. I hope it gets a quantum version too...
  • I've used your Bluhell Firewall for a very long time now but FireFox has seen fit to not allow your fantastic 5 star program to work on their awful version 57.
    Would love to see an update since the replacements I've found don't come close to your program.
    Thank you for your time and effort.
  • bluhell saved me from more than one nasty encounter. What am I supposed to do now that the updated version of firefox does not allow it.