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    The updated icons and text help a lot! The url bar is a little tricky to read for developers that may frequently refer to it. Both versions look great! Personally I like the contrast of the previous version because I run a ton of add-ons, but the overall flow looks great on both. From a design standpoint, I LOVE the maximum graphic visibility of this new one. Still my absolute favorite theme :D

    The newest version makes the URL bar and icons completely hidden & unusable since there is no transparency to offset the colors/icons/fonts. Keep having to roll back to the 'previous version' (which was 5 stars and perfect!) then turn OFF the updates for this theme so it doesn't update to the newer unusable version. My favorite theme by far!
    Hi, Exciton. I updated the last version so all text and icons are white now so that should help. Let me know if this helps. I wanted the entire header to be A Light in Space with just white text. Thank you for your comment. But let me know!
  • The stars cut off at the left edge where it's just gray; not a large enough image I guess?
    The images are 3000 px by 200 and fit most screens unless you have a really large screen. But 3000 pixels is the largest we can submit. Sorry!
  • esta fina
    Thanks for the 5 stars.
  • faza
    Happy you like it. Thanks so much for the 5 stars.
  • Another excellent theme and desktop wallpaper by MaDonna. I love it. I have followed MaDonna for several years now and when I use my Firefox Browser, I prefer MaDonna's Themes to anyone else's. She does wonderful work and they are timeless.
    What a fantastic review. I loved it and I thank you so much...from one old lady to another! ♥♥
  • Steh ja eher auf dunkel und schwartz müssten halt noch mehr verschiedene dunkel/schwartz und Space Themes geben
    Pleased you like my theme. Thanks for the 5 stars.
  • Thanks for the stars.
  • Looking over the Themes that I've used, you by FAR out exceed everyone! I love your use of Colors, the Blending, the list can go on and on! You are MORE than Welcomed! Thank You, for even acknowledging me!
    Thanks so much for the 5 stars, Ed.
  • sùper hermoso <3
    Thanks so much for the 5 stars.
  • Thank you so much. I really appreciate the review. ♥