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Browser Sign In Kein Neustart

Sign in to sites using the browser!

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Closes bookmarks sidebar when Firefox loads.

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Compatibility Detector for Firefox Kein Neustart


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Primercato Proxy Utility

Utility for managing Primercato proxy usage

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New Tab Homepage View

Shows your homepage when you open a new tab.

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VERISIGN DomainView dispays the trend for the registered domain names .

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This add-on shows add-on bar electric power consumption rate Kyushu region in Japan.

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sayhai toolbar

Meet & chat (group chat or video chat) anonymously with people who are visiting the same web page as you! no registration required.

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Live E*Trade

Live E*Trade share price spot. This add-on can be easier to spot share price anytime you are using firefox. Details tooltip display indicates the share information such as today's lower/higher price, company name, last update and change, etc.

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Status UIN Blogger, facebook dan twitter

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Kaskus Topik Tooltip

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ASP.NET Errors Linkifier

Modifies ASP.NET error pages to displays links that allow to open the corresponding file in your favorite editor.

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Enables a user to display the detailed view of a bug in full screen. For Bug Report use only.
To enable add star button in menu : Display > Tool bars > personnalize

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1 Benutzer - Add files button

Makes adding files to easier. Just highlight links on any webpage and click the button.

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Calculette de taxe Paypal (valable pour la France)

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AWSCLic Skipper

Ce module ouvre automatiquement les liens créés par AwsClic, wslinx et lienscash sans temps d'attente.

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Webroot Short URL Expander

Hover your mouse pointer over short URLs to see where they lead, and find out if the destination is trustworthy.

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FreshImg Image Uploader

FreshImg Uploader allows you to easily upload images that you stumble across on the web to FreshImg, via a simple right click menu. It also allows you to share them out to your favorite social media sites instantly.

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FireStylus for Firebug

FireStylus is a Firebug extension that makes Firebug display the Stylus filename and line numbers of the Stylus-generated CSS styles rather than those of the generated CSS.

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Simply Pinned

Maximize your screen space by hiding unneeded GUI toolbars for pinned/app tabs using this extension.

Customize which toolbars should be hidden on pinned tabs.

Toggle the visibility of the UI using a customizable hotkey or a toolbar button.

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