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Displays the number of unread tasks in your Inbox folder.

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Do you want to speed your internet / bandwidth speed. The above extension will increase speed of your internet at the cost of image !. That is it'll not load any image

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Resume Video

Automatically resumes YouTube videos from where you played them last, even videos, published on other sites.

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Add-on to fix the pager in page

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Анти-майдан com Benötigt Neustart

Круглосуточный канал с прямыми эфирами из Украины. Обзоры военных действий, аналитика, стримы, видео и текстовые новости — в полном контакте с аудиторией.

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Wiki on Speed

Improve your research speed and effort on Wikipedia. Hover the mouse over any inter-wiki link in Wikipedia and see an excerpt on a overlay hovering box. No need to open in a new tab!

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Page Dark

Hides the page content - except videos, games and other media - with a simple black overlay. No fancy extras, just lightweight, perfect darkness!

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Correios Helper

Simples extensão para facilitar o rastreamento de pacotes nos Correios.

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Helper for GitHub notifications in Gmail

Add links to GitHub threads and shortcuts to your Gmail interface.

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VLP Aka Video Like Pass

VLP Aka Video Like Pass.
Did u ever open a page to see a video that requires a share on Facebook or a like?
This Addon allows you with one click to watch blocked videos on a new tab without the need to share/like.

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SmartFill is a add-on that allows to fill web forms easily using the context menu of text input fields.

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Facebook Privacy Relabeller

Relabells the privacy settings of Facebook posts to reflect recent Australian law changes and proposals.
Facebook post privacy settings are now: "Public", "Friends and ASIO", "Only me and ASIO".

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Print Button is Print

Makes the Print Button print the page instead of presenting a print preview. Adds the option of using shift-left-click and/or ctrl-left-click for Print Preview (both enabled by default).

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a basic firefox add on to compare item details in ebay,flipkart and amazon

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当使用alt + ← (Win)或 command + [ (Mac) 来"后退"的的时候, 如果已经不能后退, 则关闭标签.

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GhostText For Firefox

Connects a text area or js code editor to an editor with GhostText server installed, all text changes will be send from the editor to the browser and vice versa.

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Toolbar COSEI

Toolbar COSEI para Firefox

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EQ Alert Addon for Firefox. A sized down version of the PSO2 extension for chrome which provides alerts for ship 02 and only ship 02. For signup install and login translations, please use the chrome extension.

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Plain Text Linker

Opens plain text URLs when you double-click on them.

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Automatically refresh your Cases (listview) and Dashboard views in SFS.
Refresh interval is set to approximately 1 minute.

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