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  • Great presentation, love the stats and customizable break time.

    But I know pomodoro is supposed to be 25', but it would still be much more useful if we could edit the main time. I personally prefer 20', for example.

    Also, NO TIME ALARM, that's the part that made me uninstall this one. I can't have my eyes on the timer all the time, especially during breaks.
    Check out the latest version to customize the time duration!
  • Good and easy to use. But the stop (5 minutes) could start automatically. Manual makes strenuous use.
  • Could you please let me know as to how to set up a pop-up or sound notification for this extension. Rest all is amazing !
  • For me, this is the best Pomodoro application of all. But I would deeply appreciate shortcuts, as I am using it throughout the whole day.
    After a certain time, it annoys me a little bit to move the mouse to the respective field.
  • The best Pomo timer ever used, thanks!
  • The stats is a great extra compared with other similar apps or Add-ons ... but 2 things are missing:

    1) A sound alarm when the timer finishes (please do it!)

    2) Editable time for Pomodoro (I know that 25' is the technique's base, but many people would like to modify the default time)

    The rest of the Add-on is great ...
  • I like everything, it would be perfect for me, but without a notification sound at the end of a period, I cannot use it at all.
  • User choice to include a clock ticking sound by seconds with volume adjustment.
  • Great work! That what I wanted!
    Whether there will be sound alerts in the future?
  • Its a nice and simple timer that is non-obtrusive. The only thing I think it lacks is the sound options during the end of a run. Still good as a timer.
    What kind of sound options would you like? Currently the timer uses the default notification chime.

  • Exactly what I was looking for. The extension is clean and works well. The developer is also very active.