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  • Switch tab to a container works but I am wondering what is it doing differently from the default Firefox "Reopen in Container" function when I right-click on a tab? Is it just a different gui to do the same thing?
    This add-on was developed and released way before Mozilla ever added that "Reopen in Container" option in the tab context menu; a year and a half, approx. Now it only serves as the same thing but in its own button on the toolbar. Maybe that has some use to people, maybe it doesn't, but I will ultimately keep it available for legacy purposes and for people who prefer older versions of Firefox for whatever reason.
  • Doesn't work for FF66 on mint17.3. Says it's a corrupt application.
  • This is so useful for me - having different 'hats' and organisations I do work for I use it every day. Also for testing websites with different user-roles, and for general privacy, its invaluable. The multi-account container tool by itself doesn't cut it because inevitably open tabs in the wrong account. One improvement - if it worked on a blank tab - ie when you first open a new tab, it could already reload in the profile you want, then I could remove the multi-account button all together, that would be nice.
  • Good, but it takes a while to load the container list for the first time in the same session. I have about 10 containers but it takes 2 second to load.

    It has to load again every time you restart Firefox. Other addons do not have such a lag.
  • Easy and Convenient
  • Must-have, definitely! If only it can switch containers without reloading, though.
    Due to limitations on what add-ons are allowed to do related to web security, tabs can't actually change containers. This add-on is a work around this limitation: it's not changing the tab, but rather duplicating the tab into a new one that comes inside a container. It's therefore inevitable for it to reload the page and also lose the tab's history.
  • I used to love this add-on, until I found out that it doesn't work on Firefox 52 ESR (which I have to use at work, as it has Windows Vista installed, not upgradable). At home, I still used it, until I discovered a fork of it, "Switch Container Plus", which is much bigger in size (34kB against 15kB), but also has a better functionality (for example, SCP works on "new tabs", while SC never did).
  • essential
  • Very useful on desktop, but don't switch containers on Android version
    This was an oversight on my part, since I don't access to the Android version. The add-on will be officially declared as non-compatible with Android in the following version.
  • 能否为新建容器指定快捷键?谢谢
  • 相当于firefox小号功能,但是主要问题是只有5个 不能自己添加
  • Hello: You can right in the tabs to join this function
    If you mean add Switch Container in the right-click context menu for tabs, that's outside the scope of this add-on.
  • Great extension, but with a nice grey-based theme installed, the button icon disappears. How about giving us a choice of colours?
    The API only allows me to pick one icon for the add-on, so I went with something that worked well on the default theme (which most people use) AND dark themes (which I use). I'm waiting for Mozilla to allow add-ons to have icons follow the user theme's color scheme, but I've yet to see this be allowed officially. Otherwise, while API does allow me to give people the option to pick a color for the icon, I find this is not an elegant solution to this problem.
  • good! this is what i needed all that time.

    but if design popup bar in extensions will be more native it will be perfect!
  • I haven't used containers much, but I would like to, and FF Quantum as-is just doesn't suffice. As a web designer, Reddit moderator, and as a serious power user, sometimes I need to access pages without being logged into my main accounts, or preview CSS/layout changes, and even work on multiple accounts at a time. This plugin makes it far easier to utilize Containers as they should be.
  • EDIT: It now works perfectly after installing Deja Vu's FOSS fonts!
    Install a Unicode compatible font, such as these:
    I recommend the DejaVu family of fonts.
  • I don't know how this isn't part of the default container add-on. It's absolutely necessary so you can assign sites to the proper containers as you encounter them.
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LrxubHeiIfw features use of Switch Container to send a page to a container, then de-contain the page.

    Also in the screen recording: experimental Conex 0.0.66 with a preference to disallow movement.

    The disallowance in Conex does not disallow use of Switch Container. The two extensions complement each other very nicely …