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  • Thank you for creating this add-on. It will reduce misinformation. DO NOT listen to those who are giving this add-on 1 star.
  • This addon had a lot more 1-star reviews than it currently does. They have presumably been removed at the request of NewsGuard.

    The reasons why I would urge people to avoid this add-on:

    1. Serious privacy problem: sends the sites you visit to NewsGuard's servers - there's no reason why this addon cannot work without such reporting.

    2. The people involved with this addon (see their advisory board and read the reporting that's been done on them) are, I'd argue, not the people who should be entrusted with deciding what is/isn't a reliable source of news.

    3. A site which refuses to participate in this scheme will get flagged as unreliable (see what happened to Boing Boing when they were approached)

    4. Mozilla/Firefox co-founder Brendan Eich has commented on this company: "This is a bad operation all around"
  • wow, they deleted so many 1-star reviews. Seems like a desperate move.
  • Minor newspapers or independent journalists are hampered by this extension.

    It is harmful. And it aims to discredit other relevant sources.
  • There are already many one-star reviews for this Add-on, with most of them writing it off as leftwing propaganda or conspiracy. The creators have clearly outlined transparent and objective criteria for judging news-websites, which also can be viewed for each website with a detailed report on how and why the judgement was constructed in an understandable manner. These judgements have nothing to do with political orientation, but are based on general good practice in journalism (proper citation of sources, conflicts of interest and source of money made by website).

    There criteria can be very helpful in identifying fake or misleading news as well as propaganda. No contents are blocked, so censorship is not an issue. It is a highly informative application.
  • helps u fighting lies and fake news. dont forget to use your brain and check information u get.
  • How much more left biased can this app be? A news rating app with ratings from left leaning "journalists". 1984 style propaganda and nothing more.
  • This is an artifact of the current social mass hysteria against independent investigative reporting. Given the controversial reputation of the add-on no major surprises. Note there is no 'Yellow' tag, only Green or Red. The ratings are laughable. Many Green-rated sites were once-reputable but have abandoned journalistic standards such as: excessive reliance on anonymous sources, presenting opinion as fact, sourcing other media vs original sources, and failing to correct verifiable false statements.
  • I see that some people don't understand how news and information sites are rated by Newsguard. Please RTFM. You may not like CNN or FoxNews and each are biased but Newguard is providing detailed data on why, for instance, both of those pass muster. Read it!
  • Could be quite useful but doesn't respect user privacy nearly enough.
  • Dispite the far right hating it - this is suprisingly useful. There's no accountability in the world and it's led to lies and properganda. This is a great step towards something constructive and works really eligantly.

    For sites like YouTube, it could do with going a layer deeper, and start looking at individual users.