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  • 终于可以自己设置新标签页了 舒服
  • Displays a custom website as expected. Sadly the focus cannot be set to the URL bar, so I have to press «CMD + L» to set the focus to the URL bar in order to type in a URL.
    Would be great if this could be fixed. I am using macOS Mojave with latest Firefox.
  • good
  • Good, easy to use, unobstrusive...Does exactly what it says, and does it perfectly. I really don't want to imagine having to do without it
  • Works like a charm. I wasn't a fan of the firefox "google" tab and wanted the default google search bar to appear when opening a new tab. I put the URL in for the google search bar and now the google search bar comes up when opening a new tab.
  • I have issues with sitting down to PC to do something & forget what I sat down for. THAT is why I've had this "New Tab" issue for so long. Give whoever created this thing a big ole hug from me.
    Now, what did I originally sit down here for????
  • Rated this Five Stars without having even used it. I personally have installed "Link Fixer 1.3" that does the same thing seamlessly and unobtrusively. Just saying.
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