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  • Tapez l'URL qui se sera ouverte lors de l'ouverture d'n nouvel onglet.
    POur ceux qui on en besoin
  • It works, but there's an annoying flash in the address bar when the extension redirects to the target website. I gave up and removed it.
  • Focus override does not work when opening a new tab.
  • The documentation is worthless. Press shift-f12 as it suggests and I get a worthless page with no ability to do anything. Yet another help page that is a brochure offering no help.
  • Storing html file in extension does not work.
  • Good idea and direction. I also like that it's configurable. Although I wish the url was left blank (f.e. when setting the override to a background color) so that users can quickly type in the next address that they wish to visit, without having to clear the text input.

    It's a shame that although it seems to have a lot of options, it hinders accessibility by populating the address bar with app metadata.
  • THANK YOU!! All I want is a blank tab, and that's what you give me! I don't know what others are complaining about -- the Address Bar clears properly for me. Also this add-in tells me it requires FF v.61, but I intentionally have FF v.56 EME-Free and the add-in works like a charm...

    Cheers, thanks again!
  • 终于可以自己设置新标签页了 舒服