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  • good rlly
  • I don't think at all it is a miracle or like it was before maybe, i just cannot for the life of me get over this strange event. Now, .... Now, I have seen everything...... Heh!
  • Thank you very much!
  • i can keep so many tabs so well organized with this
  • Я все люблю.
  • So good
  • WOW SUPER,THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • It would be useful to see in the settings of this addon what exactly the local file is currently used
  • Thank you, Soren! I just posted on my fb feed, thanking you!!
    Firefox: you can be so annoying. Why did you disable my chosen homepage each time I create a new tab so that I only see your generic Firefox default homepage? Thank you, Soren, for creating a workaround with New Tab Override that brings back the ability to change the page which is shown when opening a new tab. OMG!
  • porque es muy bueno creativo y facicil de utilisarlo
  • todo biem
  • I used this extension. At first, it was good and it gave me a blank new tab as I wished. Unless it occupied a huge space in the address bar (that even I could not sometimes find the actual address on the net), I was satisfied. But, after two weeks, I saw my Firefox working terribly, all icons were trembling when I was opening a new tab, it was truly irritating! After I removed this extension I saw Firefox is OK again. I do not know why it happened, just I know there was something wrong.
  • This web extension has too much clutter and makes the process more complicated than needed.
    That's not true at all. It's not possible to make it easier than entering the URL in an URL field.
  • Running 14.0.2 and the new tab continually reloads.
    What I want is a blank new page, with the focus on the page instead of the address bar.
    Any suggestions??
    about:preferences:#home - you don't need an add-on at all for a blank new tab page.

    about:blank is not a valid URL and can no longer be supported in New Tab Override. But it's not necessary because Firefox has a visible option.
  • It seems the Add-on also overrides tabs that are reopened via the "re-open closed tab" functionality. At least sometimes or if the tab in question was closed for more than a few seconds. Otherwise it is a very good and handy add-on.
  • Loved it but it stopped working immediately after updating to 14.0.1. "Custom url" opens a blank page, "current homepage" infinitely reloads empty tab.

    edit: thanks, working now
    I uploaded the wrong version as 14.0.1, sorry about that. Version 14.0.2 is already available.
  • Stopped working since last update, it always focuses on webpage now even if we ask it to focus on the URL bar.