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  • Can't get it to work. It appears that it may conflict with NoScript, but I am not 100% sure.
  • It works as advertised. Thanks much. My only suggestion is to implement the feature (mentioned by at least one other here) where I have the option to put the button in the location bar.
  • Thanks for upgrading this very useful add-on. Alt-Shift U works fine, but Alt-U doesn't for me at all (hence only 3 stars for now). I'm using FF 56.0 on Mac OS Sierra.
    Also I like to use alt-up arrow - it would be useful to be able to set our own short cut. Is this possible?
    Navigate Up WE 2.1 has just been released.

    This version includes:

    - a new option to configure the Navigate Up WE toolbar button action.

    - an additional keyboard shortcut (Alt+UpArrow) to perform the configured button action.
  • Works great, except on the Mozilla Add-ons site for some reason (the legacy add-on works fine on all sites).
    There are a few special Firefox and Chrome pages that Navigate Up WE and many other WebExtensions (WE) add-ons cannot work with.

    This applies to all pages on Mozilla Add-ons pages and to all “about:” pages.
  • Exactly what I needed to replace Uppity! Left-click the toolbar button to go up a single item or right-click to select from the full hierarchy.
  • Using version 1.3. The best option.
    Also will be great if the deprecated by W3C “www” could be switched off in options.
    "English only..." - For traditional add-ons, developers could use the free BabelZilla web-based translation management system to coordinate submissions from volunteer translators. At present, for WebExtensions add-ons, there is no equivalent web-based translation management system.

    "Only 3 items..." - The toolbar button right-click menu can only allows a maximum of 6 add-on menu items. If you want to see 6 URL levels on this menu, you can disable the 'Navigate Up One Level' and 'Navigate Up To Root' menu items. Note, the 'Navigate Up WE' submenu on the normal context menu shows all available URL levels.

    "Why to move out of address bar..." - For compatibility with the Chrome version and because several users requested this change. It would be possible to have an option to place the button in the address bar instead of on the toolbar.
  • I like it. I would like to have the option to hide the urlbar icon and simply use the shortcut, if this is possible.
  • It doesn't seem to pick up the correct URL in a new tab until there is some kind of navigation activity.
    So opening something in a new tab makes it think the stack is something completely unrelated.
    Any chance of getting a fix?
    Cannot reproduce this problem.

    Please provide more information:

    - Exactly how are you "opening"something in a new tab"?
    - Which operating system are you using?
    - Which version of Firefox are you using?
    - Which other add-ons do you have installed?

    Please e-mail this information to: dw-dev@gmx.com