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  • This is PGP that just works. Best of luck to the developer.

    MOZILLA: Please review and sign this addon! It can't be good PR for a security-enhancing addon such as this to display a cautionary notice in the Firefox addon manager!
  • Damn how many more months does it take Mozilla to review this?!
  • Very elegant application, but please add support for encrypting attachments.

    Adding an attachment interface could be included in the pop-up "Compose Mail" window, which will then provide the user with a new encrypted file he can include in his email. Similarly, the recipient could decrypt it from the reading Message window via a "browse" option. The user will need to download it encrypted first, then browse to its location.
  • The biggest inhibitor to wider adoption of PGP has been the fact that you typically needed to install some special software which integrates into a locally run desktop e-mail client. I'm very happy to say that Mailvelope does away with all of that by using java script and your browser, allowing very easy encryption of web-mail. It doesn't hurt that the developers managed to make it gorgeous too.
  • Great and easy to use add-on. Supposedly there will be a way of verifying signed emails soon, it is almost completely implemented. I can't wait for this to be out of beta.
  • developer determined to do security right, with independent audits, etc...
  • Everybody on earth wait verification of emails
    I think you can now sign emails but I can't verify/check signature from mail I received.