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  • I will have to deactivate this plugin until this is fixed.
    The '@' char is required everywhere, now i can't even enter my e-mail adress because this dict quick search toolbar pops up when pressing ALT+Q.

    @Follow Up answer
    Sorry, i meant Alt Gr + Q. It happened on a Windows 7 Prof System while trying to comment to a Youtube comment.
    To test it again, i reactivated the plugin and i think i now narrowed the problem down.
    It seems to be, that my keyboard layout was accidently set to the English layout (EN) during that session (i have that windows language keyboard layout icon in the lower right corner) and i didn't noticed that.
    When the layout is set to English on the software side in Win 7 pressing Alt Gr + Q will result in this pop-up of the dict search bar.
    If i set it back to DE layout in the lower right corner, everything works fine again.
    So probably my fault.
    I don't know if its possible to make the plugin ignore the key combination of Alt Gr + Q if the layout is accidentally set to English layout but it would be a good thing in my opinion.
    I will give the plugin now 5 stars.
    Thanks for your answer.
    Thanks for the report, but that has never been the case for me.
    On Windows and Linux, Alt Gr + Q is used for @. Not Alt + Q. Alternatively, Ctrl + Alt + Q can be used, which also does not trigger the add-on.
    I've researched Mac, but they seem to use a completely different combination for the @.

    Could you give some insight into what system uses this shortcut for the @? (It's not the keyboard layout, as I'm using the german keyboard layout as well)

    Sadly, there is no way to change this from firefox. chrome would allow to edit those shortcuts. But I could make this different per OS.
    The only other way would be to use a different shortcut or to not have a shortcut. Let me know if you have suggestions.
  • I read your rant ;) Though I do not agree because I think Quantum and Photon are a huge improvements I certainly see that this (repeated) rewrite must have a lot(!) of work. I feel your pain...

    As a Nightly user I am very happen with your add-on. Thank you. Especially the Ctrl+Alt click shortcuts are really good (once I found out about it ;).

    Previously I always manually went to dict.cc. Now this is a great time saver.
  • best tranlation software I have found so far
  • The first option "translate phrases" isn't available, even not after reinstalling it more than one time.

    Lusito, is there no direct translation between English and German possible anymore? There usually was one and on one picture about the add-on it is seen.
    The only difference between word and phrase translation is what you choose to translate. Just select the phrase you want translated and use one of the available translation methods.
  • Otherwise okay, but on a Mac it's still only the second best option.

    This is because of the interface forces an extra step upon the user: They have to pick which languages to translate with every single word.

    This might make sense if the user wants to regularly translate from several languages. But this is really stupid in cases where the user has specified in the preferences only one language setting, like "DE to EN". Ignoring this the add-on still asks the user to click on "Translate to DE-EN" every time. If the uses specifies only one language pair, it would make sense for the add-on to provide instant translations without extra clicks.

    On a Mac (I have no idea about PCs) the user can use the build in Dictionary function. With this the user can simply perform a single gesture, for example a three-finger-click (this can be customised to suit ones preferences), to bring up a translation for any word. Nothing extra is required. So at the moment that's the fastest and most user-friendly way to translate words on any web page.

    I'm a big fan of using dict.cc, so I would love to see this add-on get better. But until this add-on achieves a similar ease of use to what OS X offers as a default, it simply isn't worth using if you're on a Mac.
    Thanks for your input.

    First of all: You only need to pick the language if you use the context-menu.
    You can instead use the "quick click" feature to translate with the top entry in your language list.
    You can configure it to be activated using a key-combo + click.
    Alternatively you can use a rocker gesture (tho I guess since macs only have one mouse-button, this is no option for you).
    I don't think I have a way to check for gestures like 3 finger click.

    Hope this helps.
    Kind regards.
  • Thank you so much to taking the effort and bring this excellent add-on back to Firefox! I was beginning to miss it badly...
    (Hopefully you'll get the pocket panel working as well... ;-)
  • This is an extremely helpful tool. I can look up a word quickly and efficiently and still be assured of accuracy since it comes from dict.cc.

    I like this updated version quite a bit. (Even though the others worked well, too.)

  • Zumindestens, wenn man Text eigeben will bei:

    Ich hatte auch den Eindruck, dass es den FireFox insgesamt lamed.

    Musste das AddON leider deaktivieren. Schade, wäre gut gewesen.
    Wäre es brauchbar die Möglichkeit hinzufüge das Add-On auf bestimmten Seiten zu deaktivieren?

    Ich schätze mit "lamed" meinst du dass Firefox langsamer ist?
    Kannst du das genauer spezifizieren? Startzeit von Firefox, Seitenladezeit oder was genau ?
    Mir ist bei meinem Rechner nichts aufgefallen, aber ich kann versuchen den Code noch etwas zu optimieren.
    Hast du die Beta (5.1a) genutzt oder die letzte stabile Version (5.0.3) ?
  • I really like the toolbar button in the new WebExtention-based beta version. This is an extra feature I learned to like in the last couple of weeks. Therefore I would say the WebExtention version is even better now and I never noticed any serious limitation. Please keep supporting the Firefox version even though you decided to switch to Chrome.
  • Die neue Beta funktioniert nun auch mit FF 52.0.2, vielen Dank, tolle Arbeit.
  • update: vielleicht könnte man noch den Cursor Fokus direkt in das Eingabefeld des Symbols (in der Symbolleiste) legen? Sonst muss man erst das Feld aktivieren, bevor man anfangen kann zu tippen.

    Version 4.2 und die Beta Version (5.0) laufen leider in FF 52.02 überhaupt nicht mehr.
    Ist es denn nicht irgendwie möglich, in FF52 den alten Extension Support per about config wieder herzustellen, sodass Version 4.2 läuft?
    Unverschämtheit von Mozilla... :-(

    edit: Hervorragend! Danke für die schnelle Reaktion. Es funktioniert wieder (v5.03).
    Ich hätte ggf. eine Möglichkeit.
    Vorweg: Ich weis nicht ob es funktioniert und falls es funktioniert, ist es getrennt vom Mozilla Add-On Management, also wirst du damit nicht über Updates benachrichtigt. Falls du es also machen willst, solltest du hin und wieder mal schauen ob das echte Add-On von Mozilla endlich freigegeben wurde.

    Wenn du weiterhin gewillt bist es zu versuchen, mach folgendes:
    Downloade diese Datei (Rechtsklick, Ziel speichern unter) und ziehe sie in den Browser. Ein normaler Klick auf den Link wird es dir verbieten.


    Nachtrag: Link markieren und Rechtsklick, in neuem Tab öffnen scheint auch zu klappen.

    Viele Grüße und viel Erfolg
  • I would like to thank the author for this fantastic extension which saves me several minutes every day. Version 5 works very well for me in the latest Firefox. The quick click is very helpful, and I like the button in the toolbar as well.
  • Wie viele andere sehr zufriedene Nutzer des dict-AddOn bin auch ich verwundert und enttäuscht von Mozillas Politik. Dennoch werde ich Chrome sicher nicht zu meinem Default-Browser machen, denn das Ding hat mich schon zu oft genervt und geärgert. Dann würde ich mich eher mit dem Vivaldi-Projekt einiger früherer Opera-Leute beschäftigen, das ich für sehr vielversprechend halte. Basiert ja ebenfalls auf Chromium.

    Zum Abschluß möchte ich aus Solidarität und Dankbarkeit noch einmal die volle Punktzahl vergeben. Ich hoffe sehr, dass Du, lieber Lusito, das Projekt in der einen oder anderen Form fortsetzt. Für Menschen wie mich, die täglich intensiv mit der englischen Sprache arbeiten, ist dict.cc unverzichtbar - und Deine Entwicklung machte alles so viel einfacher.

    Beste Grüße!
  • Bedauerlich, dass das APP von Firefox nicht mehr unterstützt wird.
  • Very fast comfortable and useful! Please make it available for FF >52
  • Thanks Mozilla for making Chrome my default browser. The dict.cc plugin works great on Chrome, while I has stopped working in Firefox 52.x. I've been using Firefox even before it was there; it was called Netscape Navigator at that time. That's almost 20 years using this browser. I'm quite unhappy to make yet another Google app the default on my computer, but sorry, I need dict.cc every day, and can't wait for FF to get their act together and fix what they broke.
  • ja das war echt super bis mozilla den ff derart verändert hat, so dass dieses klasse add on nicht mehr richtig funktioniert. schade....
  • Ich nutze dict.cc im Add-On schon sehr lang und auch sehr häufig. Ich bin total zufrieden und will es auf keinen Fall mehr missen. Nachdem auch ich jetzt das Firefox Update gemacht habe, läuft es leider nicht mehr. Ich hoffe, du kriegst das wieder hin und wirst nicht wirklich zu Chrome wechseln. Chrome ist für mich definitiv keine Alternative.
    Hab recht vielen Dank!!!

    Es geht wieder und das auch mit Firefox 53.0. Ich bin begeistert!!! Tausend Dank!!!
  • Nun, nachdem ich die Antwort des Entwicklers gelesen habe, sehe ich, das meine Bewertung mit nur einem Stern nicht gerecht war, weil der Entwickler keine Schuld hat an dem Dilemma, sondern die FF-Entwickler. So will ich nachträglich für das hervorragende Add-on (Dict.cc) 5 Sterne erteilen.
    Vielen Dank. Nur zur Info, es gibt auch andere Add-Ons, die von dem Problem betroffen sind:
  • Unfortunately dict doesn´t work any longer with the latest Firefox-Version (52.0). It shows up in the context-menu but with no funktion.
    Firefox wants to remove support for classic add-ons, tho the final change wasn't supposed to happen until November with Firefox 57.
    On a first look, I can't see what's wrong with the add-on and no such breaking change was announced, so thank Mozilla for this crap.

    You can try the web-extension beta version if you'd like:

    Edit: Nevermind, seems firefox even broke the web-extension version.. I'm definitely going to move to chrome/chromium soon.
  • Looking for an easy translate this word extension. If this had a better dictionary it looks like it'd fit the bill. But I get "typo?" for most words I need. Other reviewers have mentioned that dict.cc may not have many of the Spanish conjugations.
  • it deserves much more users, I recommend it.
  • thank you so much for this gem of an addon...
    I am using your website since ages and, only now discovered this your Firefox extension, very happy about that... also, tells me that Austria has more in store than only food and nice landscapes or music!
    keep on trucking :)
  • I used IM-Translator before, but they crushed their addon with this bugged captcha popup. So I had to watch out for a new addon. I always used the dict.cc website, when I had to translate more then a few words but I didn't know about the FF-Addon.

    I love the gesture function + pocket option. A function, you can easily trigger with one hand. That's perfect! And the translation informations are a lot better than the IM infos.

    5 stars (so far) ;)