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  • thank you so much for this gem of an addon...
    I am using your website since ages and, only now discovered this your Firefox extension, very happy about that... also, tells me that Austria has more in store than only food and nice landscapes or music!
    keep on trucking :)
  • I used IM-Translator before, but they crushed their addon with this bugged captcha popup. So I had to watch out for a new addon. I always used the dict.cc website, when I had to translate more then a few words but I didn't know about the FF-Addon.

    I love the gesture function + pocket option. A function, you can easily trigger with one hand. That's perfect! And the translation informations are a lot better than the IM infos.

    5 stars (so far) ;)
  • Gerade entdeckt und finde es großartig. Was für eine Zeitersparnis beim Lesen englischer Texte! Verbesserungsvorschlag: kleine Erklärungen zu den Einstellungsmöglichkeit, z.B. Wippgesten - was ist das?
  • Very useful add-on and very fast. The only issue is that, just like dict.cc itself, it doesn't detect most inflected forms, like "nadas" (Spanish, "you swim").
  • This is by far the most useful and needed Add-on I'm using in Firefox. I'm so glad to see that it is maintained, with great success!! For me, there is no comparison. Simply perfect. I hereby want to thank the author and encourage him to continue with his precious work! Thanks Lusito.
  • The dict.cc German-English translation is limited. Quite often "Keine Ergebnisse" would pop up and I would have to paste my word/phrase into another dictionary.
    What would be ideal would be to have a list of dictionaries to send the selection to, and have the app ask if you are satisfied with the translation, if not it would send it to the next dictionary on the list.
  • Hello,

    I love this addon TY!

    Please evaluate to mask the quotes in words like 'truths'.

    Warm regards!
  • Suggestion: add text to speech so a translated word is spoken when translation pops up !
    Or add the "T" key (if pressed translation happens), because the "Google Text-to-Speech" addon uses this key, so both can be activated at the same time !
  • Great Add-on, very useful and works perfect!
    Works also with PaleMoon 25 with no problems at all.
  • I have only one entry in the translation list options, but when I ctrl-click a word, the translation doesn't appear first: a box asking me to select DE<>EN does. Is it possible to bypass this step?
  • Suuuper! Funktioniert ähnlich wie das veraltete AddOn Dictionary Tooltip, nur dass dieses hier im Gegensatz zu jenem funktioniert! Man drückt z.B. Shift+control, klickt auf das markierte Wort und es erscheint ein kleines Fenster mit den Übersetzungen wie man es von www.dict.cc gewöhnt ist. Ich habe viele Add-Ons ausprobiert,
    aber dieses hier ist für mich das beste Übersetzungs-Tool, das ich nach langem Suchen gefunden habe. Ein Blick in die Einstellungen nach der Installation lohnt sich.
  • Who would've thought that it makes such a difference, not having to go over to dict.cc and paste in the word.

    I use it all the time. Thank you!

    btw, I actually went here looking for a "support" link so I could express my gratitude in a few euros. That might be sth. to think about...
  • Es ist genial! I use it along with hypertranslate, and it has been serving me well.
  • It just shows the translation of a word or phrase in a tiny decent tooltip. No cluttered iframes like other language tools.
    Fully recommended.
  • Sadly, the language choices seem to be stuck on English and German. Domage.I need French and English. The link to duckduckgo looks like it could be useful. I'll check back and try the language options again at another time. Good luck.
    Only the first Language is limited to English or German, that is a limitation of dict.cc itself.
    The second language can be anything dict.cc supports.
    Just rightclick on any webpage, go to Dict.cc->Options, go to the "translations list" tab and add a new entry with english as first language and french as second language.
  • one of my favorite add ons
  • Grossartig! The Quick-Lookup translation is what I use most, so useful!
  • Ich benutze dieses App schon seit über einem Jahr und bin damit sehr zufrieden.
    Besonders die Pocket-Version liefert mit einem Klick die notwendigen ausführlichen Übersetzungen.
  • A really nice translation add-on with nice features and almost the only translation add-on with a decent design.My only improvement advice is that the translation box shouldn´t cover the word ,it should float above or below the word
  • Not bad, bud you cant beat google translator
  • Dies ist ein wunderbares Werkzeug um sich beim lesen von englischen Texten die Verben hereinzuholen, die man noch nicht kennt oder wieder vergessen hat.

    This is a wonderful tool to read English texts and to recoup Verbs, I'd forgotten or never known.

    In Googenglish:
    This is a wonderful tool to read the English texts of the verbs recoup that you know or have not yet forgotten. :-)
  • Comical translations. Outdated terms.
    Comical voices and accents.
    Google translator is far superior.
  • Very helpful, especially the Quick Translation with the online box.

    But on Firefox 3.6.13, openSUSE, saving new languages or changing the order does not work. After closing the settings dialog there is no change. I have to edit it by about:config.
    Then it would be helpful that an update from dict.cc would provide all languages that are available today.
  • Looks very good indeed as an interface to an exceptionally well designed dictionary. However, I'm regularly using a web site where all umlauts etc are set up as ö etc, so these words, which appear correctly in the dialogue, don't translate even though the words are in the dictionary (many pages on an educational site for learning DE) - this is select and popop window. The Ctrl+Shift interface works OK. Would be very good to fix this. I can't give a link as it's not public but if the developer let's me know how best to contact him, I can give more information.
  • From the first view I have to say wow! Version 2.4 has pretty much everything you missed in the first simple version.
    All the new features work quite well. The points I criticised before (FF 4 compatibility and multi-language) are fixed. Also the inline translation is a great enhancement.
    Though as with all big changes there are still some little flaws like not being able to select the languages in the options after hitting "Refresh", an incorrectly aligned inline translation and some others. That's why I just give four of five stars, but all in all a great improvement!