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  • A very vibrant color of purple.

    Text is pretty easy to read and the design going from dark left to bright right is easy on the eyes and makes it easier to read all the menu text since they are mostly on the left side.

    All in all I'm sure that i will keep this one permanently, thank you MaDonna :)
    I am so pleased you like this design. I really appreciate the stars and the wonderful comments. Thank you. ♥
  • Great looking, but I do prefer the first version for the ease of reading the adressbar. If you just highlighted that bar I'd go for it.
    When I find time I will submit a new version with the address bar highlighted. LATER...I did submit a V2 and hope that works for you.
  • Some elements are hard to see due to contrast between text and background
    Have you installed the latest version? I changed the text/icon to white so they are much more visible? I am happy you like it, but check which version you have installed.
  • Updated:
    The updated icons and text help a lot! The url bar is a little tricky to read for developers that may frequently refer to it. Both versions look great! Personally I like the contrast of the previous version because I run a ton of add-ons, but the overall flow looks great on both. From a design standpoint, I LOVE the maximum graphic visibility of this new one. Still my absolute favorite theme :D

    The newest version makes the URL bar and icons completely hidden & unusable since there is no transparency to offset the colors/icons/fonts. Keep having to roll back to the 'previous version' (which was 5 stars and perfect!) then turn OFF the updates for this theme so it doesn't update to the newer unusable version. My favorite theme by far!
    Hi, Exciton. I updated the last version so all text and icons are white now so that should help. Let me know if this helps. I wanted the entire header to be A Light in Space with just white text. Thank you for your comment. But let me know!