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  • This Add-On is great! It works as I expected it to, it helps anyone know the reputation of a site before they view it which is very useful for preventing downloading of malware/virus etc. I like all features of it and I will continue to use it as it's a useful Add-On for anyone who doesn't want to download malware or viruses.
    Thank you! WOT IS also available on Android and iOS to be 360 safe!
  • Good
    Thank you!
  • I like and appreciate the years and years of community build up. While people are generally dumb there is a certain wisdom in large/innumerable groups. That adds that extra little something to determine if a site is safe, trustworthy or not, etc.
    Thank you, we're glad to hear WOT and the community keep you safe! New updates coming soon! stay tuned via https://support.mywot.com/ or our Facebook page
  • Has saved me from malicious websites before
  • I have found WOT to be very helpful in warning me about several unsafe websites. Thanks so much.
    You are very welcome Lani! Now also available on iOS and Android