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  • WoT's "Active Protection" actively tracks and links your IP address to what you type on search engines, your web history, then "distributes" (or sells as some websites have warned) this information directly to others.

    Taken directly from their Privacy Policy: "When you install and use the WOT app or WOT extension, we also collect from you automatically... Internet Protocol Address...Search engine results page (keyword, order/index of results, link of result, title, description, ads); web pages visited and time stamp of the visit;"

    This obvious breach of privacy mingled with the fact that they were caught red-handed in selling it is UNACCEPTABLE.
  • Says it protects you from spying, does spy you and sell your data:
  • This addon IS a good tool to have in your pocket... or as an add-on for Firefox or IE*.. ;-)
    The only thing I don't like about it, so far, are the ratings about WOT itself (I signed up as a 'member' so I could "help out"... but my rating of the site was posted differently from what I had written*... which now makes me suspicious of just about everything else!). I also have Automatic Updates turned 'ON' yet I still got a "Critical Update" notice when I hovered over the WOT circle on an IE page - but I have yet to receive the update nor can I manually Find It*. Waiting to see what the Board Administrator has to say. As I could not Edit my earlier review of WOT, I had to Delete it and write This one.

  • Easily misused by malicious person, to rating the site a bad reputation.
    Also, eating too much memory(795.85 MB (31.91%) -- top(moz-extension://927013b6-787f-694d-815f-43f4f06e041d).
  • Aside from the obvious deception: https://lifehacker.com/web-of-trust-sells-your-browsing-history-uninstall-it-1788667989

    We need something that gives expert warnings based on what experts detect, not community as in every person who thinks they know something when in reality they know less than nothing.

    Yeah, This addon is bad for multiple reasons. I used it long ago, but one day I decided it was not worth using beyond even the deception above that they did.

    PS, duckduckgo removed wot from their engine so yeah... its no lie.
  • very good
  • This site almost completely relies on community opinion, and that opinion's honesty, for its results. There is little fact checking done here since anyone can go to their site, enter a web address and rate it without posting a review or logging in. I would be very careful to trust this service's info without manually fact checking it yourself. I know that doing so defeats the purpose for this service, but that's how untrustworthy I think this service is. Anyone (using this service) can give a site a bad rating without it being crosschecked by someone before it's posted. Even if the site deserved the rating or not. A system like this is easily manipulable, and should be taken with the understanding that there is no guarantee for accuracy.
    WOT does in fact rely on our community for ratings and reviews, but that is our strength. It's not accurate to say that "anyone" can influence a site's ratings. We use a reliability algorithm that only allows trustworthy users to influence a site's ratings, which greatly increases the quality of our ratings. The system is actually built to prevent manipulation like you're describing. Thanks for your review!
  • Additional security, personal blacklist, but too slow and resource consuming.

    Дополнительная безопасность, личный чёрный список, но слишком медленная работа и большое потребление ресурсов.
  • alles gut,
  • Меня забанили и теперь не могу авторизоваться. До этого в течение очень долгого времени рейтинг не менялся, что тоже странно. Что-то они там "нахимичили"...
  • Privacy
  • I've been using WOT for years. It's so easy to use, unobtrusive. Start using it (there's not a good reason not to and plenty of reasons to), then spread the word. It works on a crowd-sourced model - the more people that contribute ratings for websites, the more powerful WOT becomes.