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  • У данного дополнения очень плохая оптимизация, после его установки появляются тормоза замедляющие всю работу браузера, особенно во время запуска, страницы начинают подтормаживать при скролинге, порой перемещение по странице идет рывками. И всё более усугубляется если у вас открыто много вкладок. Старые версии дополнения работали куда стабильней.
    Тhis add-on has very poor optimization, after its installation brakes appear that slow down the entire browser, especially during startup, pages start to slow down when scrolling, sometimes moving around the page goes jerky. And it gets worse if you have a lot of tabs open. Old versions of the add-on worked much more stable.
    Здравствуйте, спасибо за отзыв, и нам жаль слышать о вашем опыте. Пожалуйста, свяжитесь с нами напрямую через https://support.mywot.com/, и мы постараемся решить проблему вместе.
    Hello, Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry to hear about your experience. Please contact us directly via https://support.mywot.com/ and we'll try to solve the problem together.
  • This would be a useful extension if it were well written. Unfortunately, it isn't. It's uses slow, annoying dialog windows that disappear when they lose focus. The options presented are not well thought out. Etc. Another problem is that the community is irresponsible about what they are reporting, so you can't rely on the ratings. A lot of web sites reported to be "unsafe" are actually perfectly safe sites expressing a legitimate political viewpoint the reviewer disagrees with. On the other hand, many sites that are truly problematic have high ratings because they entice users with something entertaining.
    Hi, Thanks for the feedback and we're sorry to hear about your experience. We're now developing a new version and algorithm to help WOT show more accurate data. Stay tuned! and please contact us directly via https://support.mywot.com/ we would like to hear more.
  • It's one of the add-ons I've been using for the longest time. Its logo works as a led light. It changes color according to the reputation of the site you're visiting, thus warning you of potential threats. Gray means there's no record yet about that site, green means no issue, and so on.
    In case of scam or other serious danger, it blocks the page with a banner, which the user may however bypass at his own risk.
    Sites' reputation is the result of reports from the surfing community. Clicking on the logo, you can access available details, such as rating, type of threat (scam, adult content, etc.) and users' comments or reviews. By registering you can add your own. As it did, and still does to me, it renders an excellent service to stubborn surfers who tend to be carried away by their mouse.
    Thank you for the kind words! Stay safe with wot! We also have a mobile app --> https://wot.onelink.me/m5pJ/WOTapp
  • Thanks for being here for my computer
    Thank you! We're glad we could keep you safe online!
  • Мне всегда помогает это приложение , благодарю за сотрудничество.
  • Eats lots of RAM
    We wanted to update you that we improved significantly WOT's speed on Firefox!
    Please make sure to update to the most recent version. if yes, please connect us direct via support@mywot.com
  • Great add-on :) I use it for a while already on my PC and it helps me a lot with safe browsing. I've also started to use the Android Web of Trust App.
    Thank you! Stay safe with WOT!
  • Không còn tốt như trước, hiện tại addon Avast Online Security là tốt nhất với nhiệm vụ này
  • I love Web Of Trust! When searching for Web sites, I always check the ratings. I am glad that this is available to Help people steer clear of shady and bad Web sites! I think it is a must to use this.
  • 5 stars!
    So grateful for wot's website ratings and warnings . WOT is my preferred online guide, because it uses the wellknown traffic light safety colors system icons next to links and atop the page of each website.
    I adjusted my settings to always show warnings, parental controls to be on, and have it set to block poorly rated sites.
    I rely on wot's guidance, because it doesn't take away my decisions or limit my options. Wot shows me my options plainly, and offers
    real-time relief from most of my
    Internet-insecureties.. So I can be sure I'm heading to only the safest websites; anytime I decide to click on a link with a Green wot webutation icon showing next to it. Thank you WOT Peoples!
    Thank you so much for your review! We're glad we could keep you safe online! Stay in touch with us via FB: https://www.facebook.com/weboftrust/