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Zaregistrován(a) od May 6, 2012
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Welcome! My name is Gale and my graphics handle for the past three years has been Creative Expressions.

My Graphics Name: Although I've had other handles, by 2010 I started selling my designs and that's when I got serious about the name.
Creative Expressions worked well then and now and so I plan to keep it.

History: For the last 16 years my forte has been mainly in graphic design. Though I have done a little of this and a little of that.
I have written many PSP tutorials on how to create various types of images, how to create and use picture tubes, make animated GIF and desktop wp. I have created and built web pages using raw HTML, designed personas for FireFox, and a plethora of other graphic projects too numerous to put here.

Other Work: Currently I have over 600 designs for various A to Z products which the public can buy from the world wide marketing firm known as Zazzle.

Education: Although I am a graduate of The Institute for Children's literature, my real love is art and design.

Work Ethic:Lately I have been focusing most of my attention with making quality persona themes for the public to enjoy. Most of my images for my themes I have created myself, though occasionally I might use other peoples. If the owner is known, then they get credit for the image but the "actual" DESIGN is still copyrighted to me. In addition I also use FREE stock images from various sites and build on each of them turning them into works of art.

Note: If you see a design of mine, that looks exactly like another design it probably isn't. It would be hard NOT to have duplicates ever but in any case once I create the design the copyright belongs to me no matter HOW many similar pieces are floating around.

Catalog of C.E. Websites: Above is the link to my Blog which lists ALL of my websites and other blogs etc. There you can find my two new tutorials as well.

A word about Donations: Although I create personas for fun, I admit because of my high standards some of them take a very long time with a lot involved before they are ready for submission.
This in my opinion, is the mindset of many of the AMO DEVELOPERS as well, and quite a few ask for donations which I understand and have no problem with. For my own personas I am not asking for money per se, but just giving the user the option of a donation IF THEY SO CHOOSE.
If you like any of my persona theme work and would like to give a gift you can leave a small donation at Paypal. My email is above.

Thank you for rating and/or using my themes!

- Gale

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I don't know how I missed this. This is really lovely. Mystical and love the horse and it looks like a castle in the background as well as the colors. Really nice theme!

Night of pumpkins

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Very pretty and festive Halloween theme!

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Very lovely Mirian. The swans are beautiful and I love the color of the water as well!

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Awesome! Very cool theme!

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This is really pretty. So crystal clear and that. Like it very much!

Cat & mouse

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Cute theme. Really cute mice family and love the cat. Good work.

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Very pretty theme birdyann!

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Very beautiful theme Mirian!

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Very cool theme!


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Absolutely agree with the scripture. It's sad that some people don't seem to see even though they have eyes. Wonderful theme!

Gypsy cob 2

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Beautiful Horse theme!

a tale from afar

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Beautiful theme Candelora. I love the water and how you can see the rocks beneath it as well as the moon, planets and far off sky. Great work!

Starry Serpant

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Maggie I love this! It's different looking. I love the serpent too. He's very cool looking. Nice work on this theme!

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Stunningly beautiful! This is a winner!

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Gorgeous Valentine's Day theme! The dove is beautiful as is the rose!

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Very creative and beautiful theme. I love the bear!

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I love pink roses in particular. Very pretty!

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Mirian I can hardly believe no one has given this a 5 star rating or review! This is SO pretty! I love it!

Tiger & Hummingbird

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This one is really nice. Somehow I missed seeing this when I was looking at the themes before. I love the tiger, the hummingbird and the roses. You did a good job on the theme.

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Mirian a very pretty theme and the Cardinal is my favorite bird!