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  • I am so delighted to have been introduced to this beautiful artist MaDonna. The paintings are so colourful and I am going to find out more about her work. How do I get to see more of the prints and would love to buy a couple of bigger pictures.
    Most of the themes I make are from other artist paintings. If I know the artist I will post their name. Some are my own designs using Photoshop Elements. I have a blog and you can find it at: https://madonnaspersonas.blogspot.com/
  • انها جميلة للغاية شكرا فيرفوكس
    Thank you so much. I am very pleased you like this.
  • This is my favourite theme. It's more than a year that I'm using it but yesterday it started having problems and I can't see it anymore... I tried your other themes and they work correctly. I'm using Calm Sunrise at the moment as I wait for Running Foxes to be fixed ;)

    I checked again but even if it's activated the theme is all white. I'm using it on Android.

    Thank you soooo much! I tried installing Version 3 and now it works!
    I couldn't stand that white header...
    Now I have my cute foxes with me again! ♡
    Oh, no! Someone complained about the color on the far right so I darkened it and re-submitted it. Check again and see if it works now. I have no idea why it would have quit working. Was it on computer or android?

    For some reason the latest submitted designs don't work with Android. I am truly sorry but this is something that the "smart" techs should be working on. I will contact them again.

    Later: Try going into the theme itself and go to See All Versions/then click on Version 3 and see if it will install. It is perfectly safe for you to do this but we need to know if that will work. If it does, I will remove Version 5.
  • Really nice Picture would be 5 Stars BUT on the left side the "completely dark part" has a way brighter grey tone than it should have i would give 5 stars if it really was black if you open a White website you dont really recognise it but if its a Dark themes Website it really looks "unfinished" iam viewing this on a very good Screen so maybe its more a problem for me but i would like it much better if you change that grey to an actuall Black that matches the end of the picture.
    I checked my file and noticed that it didn't look right so I have submitted a "fix" so hope you like it and can give it a 5 star review! Check it out and let me know if this fixes it for you! It has been updated now so let me know if that works.
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    Thanks for the 5 stars.