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  • Alguien Mexicano por aqui? Me siento solo :c
    thank you for the stars.
  • If this would have a black theme it would be 5/5
    It is very closed to black and I try to use the main background of the picture to match. Thanks for the stars, anyway.
  • awesome and super cool
    Thanks so very much. I really appreciate the 5 stars.
  • O tema ficou perfeito no meu Mozilla, adorei <3
  • ok
  • uno de los mejores temas para la vista de firefox
    Thank you so much for the 5 stars. I am pleased you like this.
  • I am so delighted to have been introduced to this beautiful artist MaDonna. The paintings are so colourful and I am going to find out more about her work. How do I get to see more of the prints and would love to buy a couple of bigger pictures.
    Most of the themes I make are from other artist paintings. If I know the artist I will post their name. Some are my own designs using Photoshop Elements. I have a blog and you can find it at: https://madonnaspersonas.blogspot.com/