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  • This is GREAT!
    This DO work just fine in private browsing, and its NOT slowing down anything.

    Thank you so much!!!
  • I appreciate this addon. It´s wonderful. But I have got FF60.0.8ESR, and I cannot use it, because addon requires FF65.0 no ESR. I assume it works for a lot of older versions, but it seems to be hardcoded. I have not got an email address of the developer, so I try it this way. br Hans
  • Really, REALLY great addon. One of the 3 most important. The only issue it has is that it doesn't play well with Panorama Tab Groups (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/panorama-tab-groups/) and will often throw tab focus into another tab group when closing a tab.
  • I used it for 19 days.
    Once I lost all the tabs.
    Today it was not showing any tabs, although they were not lost.
    I reinstalled it two times to no avail.
    My ideal addon would show multiple rows of tabs in the tab bar, with a different color for each group of tabs.
    I managed to have that by using the chrome directory, except for the colors.
  • Please add keyboard shortcut for Mac, preferably one-handed, e.g. OPT-1
  • Adorei a extensão e a forma com que foi organizado. Perfeito. Apenas um desejo: tradução para português Brasil
  • A usefull addon that not working very good. Now, I can't move the bar to right. At left place is for people who use their left hand. Tabs are not scroll with mouse.
    Firefox 69