Sreenath Sasikumar

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Nome Sreenath Sasikumar
Località Thiruvananthapuram
Lavoro Software Tester
Utente da February 25, 2012
Numero di componenti aggiuntivi sviluppati 8 componenti aggiuntivi
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A software tester who specialises in web and mobile application security testing, an avid reader and a bloody good dreamer :-)

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Clear Console Consigliati

One click to clear your cache, cookies, history, html5/local storage, http logins, all of them or restart your browser with/without notifications.

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Email Extractor

Extracts all the emails in from the current browser tab and/or the entire browser tabs

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Search in some of the ways hackers would to gather google indexed data about your website so that you can secure it yourself.

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One Click Popup Dictionary

One click to quickly know the various English word definitions, IPA, pronunciation with audio - all in a pretty white popup at the top right of the browser, without affecting your browsing experience.

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Easy JsBin

Playground to quick check your html/css/js

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