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Very handy add-on, without having to install a more bulky full featured tab control add-on. But I still need a way to open new tabs at the far right on occasion (without having to disable the add-on? Is there a way to do that? If not, could you add that ability? I was able to somehow get that to happen earlier by using Shift-Ctrl-Tab, but now it opens the previously closed tab (as it should).

It's not possible and it would be complicated to add(not even sure it's possible to override default shortcuts). How about using Ctrl-Shift-PageDown until the new tab is at the end?

Small but great addon, Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

can't imagine browsing without it

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Unfortunately this is useless when you open multiple tabs from a page and then you close the last on the right for example, Firefox jumps to the initial tab that opened all the tabs, not to the closest tab to the one you just closed.

(LE: Well, yes Sebastian, the current behavior is not really logical in my opinion. It would be great if you would add an option to jump to closest tab when you close the current one.)

I don't see how this is useless. What tab is changed to is a matter of taste and there are other extensions to change that behaviour. I use Tab Deque to change it because the logical order is more important to me than the visual order when closing tabs. I think you are after Tab Mix Plus and more specifically:

Does just want I want Assegnate 5 su 5 stelle

I went searching for a way to open a tab to the right of the current tab. I found forums full of comments about how this was important. I found old, abandoned add-ons that were written for this purpose. I found large add-ons that did many things in addition to just this one feature. Finally I found "Open Tabs Next to Current" which does exactly that and it's supported as well. Good job!